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Is this a hostel breakfast?

Yes, this is the breakfast buffet at Danhostel Ribe, Denmark. This little video takes you around the table. OK you might miss some unhealthy hot sausages or bacon, but instead you get quality products as air dried ham, homemade bread, the hostel’s famous homemade muesli, freshly baked breakfast rolls picked up every day from Ribe’s best bakery (I know that because the locals queue up every weekend morning – and they DON’T do it because the rolls are cheap), several cheeses to choose among, yoghurt, fresh fruit, etc. In summer time you can even eat the famous Danish Pickled Herring. This hostel is eco-labeled and don’t worry you can eat and drink as much as you want for only 65,- d.kr (half price for children with parents). SO can you live without hot sausages, beans and bacon, don’t miss the breakfast buffet at the hostel.