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Wadden Sea Music – Wattenmeer Musik – Musik fra Vadehavet

Wadden Sea National Park and UNESCO World Heritage
June 24th 2014 UNESCO decides if the Wadden Sea National Park in Denmark will be on the list of UNESCO World Heritage in the future. If the Danish Wadden Sea succeeds in this, it will join the Dutch and the German Wadden Sea National Parks that became World Heritage as early as 2009.
While we are waiting for UNESCO’S decision we could spend a little time listening to music from the Wadden Sea.

Vadehavsmusik. Rod Sinclair Band. Sea Scape
Vadehavsmusik . Rod Sinclair Band. Sea Scape

Wadden Sea Songs
In Denmark the Scottish folk musician, Rod Sinclair, a Ribe citizen for many years, has composed several songs and music for Denmark’s largest National Park, the Wadden Sea National Park.
The most famous of the songs is the National Park anthem “Gryden” (The Dip) that first was presented at the Wadden Sea National Park inauguration on the “Meadow of Heads” outside Danhostel Ribe (2010).
In this video you can listen to Rod Sinclair Band and the song “Gryden”. Its filmed at the launch of “Sea Scape – Wadden Sea Songs” album at Danhostel Ribe in 2013 .
The second video is the title track Sea Scape. You can find the lyrics on the bottom of this page.

The song “Seafarers” will explain you why the Meadow outside Danhostel Ribe – a part of the Wadden Sea National Park – is called the Meadow of Heads. It’s about Hans Jessen a merchant from Ribe who caught Alexander Hock and his group of pirates. Alexander Hock’s men were all beheaded and their heads were placed on stakes on the Meadow of Heads.
On this link you can see another video, where Hans Jessen Søhane tells about what happened when he caught a group of pirates: Beheaded pirates on Meadow of the Heads

Members of Rod Sinclair Band: Rod Sinclair, Martin Schack, Andreas Tophøj, Anders Pedersen, Jullie Hjetland og Jacob Pedersen.
A Seascape tour is planned for April 2015. Songs can be downloaded from eg iTunes and Spotify and be purchased in Rod’s shop and at Danhostel Ribe

A Song from the German Wadden Sea National Park
The last video is a German Wadden Sea National Park Song. It’s song by Achim Reichel and is called: Trutz blanke Hans (Lyrics by Detlev von Liliencron and Music by Achim Reichel). It’s from the Album: Regenballade

DANSK REFERAT (Summary in Danish):

Nationalpark Vadehavet og UNESCO Verdensarv
Den 24. juni 2014 afgør UNESCO om Nationalpark Vadehavet i Danmark skal på listen over UNESCO Verdensarv i fremtiden. Hvis det lykkes, vil det danske Vadehav slutte sig til den hollandske og tyske del af Vadehavet, som blev Verdensarv allerede i 2009.
Mens vi venter på UNESCO ‘S beslutning, vil vi bruge lidt tid på at lytte til musik fra Vadehavet.

Sange fra Vadehavet

Den skotske folkemusiker Rod Sinclair, som har boet i Ribe i mange år, har komponeret flere sange til Danmarks største nationalpark, Nationalpark Vadehavet.
Den mest kendte af sangene er den officielle National Park hymne ” Gryden “, der først blev præsenteret ved Nationalpark Vadehavets indvielse på ” Hovedengen” udenfor Danhostel Ribe (2010) .
I den første video kan du lytte til Rod Sinclair Band og sangen Gryden , det er fra lanceringen af ​​” Sea Scape – Wadden Sea Songs ” albumet på Danhostel Ribe i 2013. Den anden video er titelnummeret Seascape . Du kan finde teksten herunder – og tekster, noder og akkorder til resten af albummet på dette link: Seascape lyrics

I Sangen “Seafarers” kan du høre, hvordan Hovedengen udenfor Danhostel Ribe fik sit navn (Hovedengen er en del af Nationalpark Vadehavet). Sangen handler om Hans Jessen en købmand fra Ribe, der fangede Alexander Hock og hans sørøvervenner. Alexander Hock og hans mænd blev alle halshugget, og deres hoveder blev sat på stager på Hovedengen langs Ribe Å.
På dette link kan du se en anden video, hvor Hans Jessen Søhane fortæller om, hvad der skete, da han fangede piraterne: Halshuggede sørøvere på Hovedengen

Rod Sinclair Band er: Rod Sinclair, Martin Schack, Andreas Tophøj, Anders Pedersen, Jullie Hjetland og Jacob Pedersen.
Der er planlagt en turne med sangene fra Seascape i April 2015. Sangene kan downloades fra bl.a. iTunes og Spotify og købes i shoppen eller på Danhostel Ribe

En Sang fra den tyske Nationalpark Vadehavet
Den sidste video er en sang fra Nationalparken i Tyskland. Sangen synges af Achim Reichel og kaldes: Trutz blanke Hans (Tekst af Detlev von Liliencron og musik af Achim Reichel). Vadehavssangen er fra albummet: Regenballade


The first three verses of the song Seascape. Words: Rod Sinclair, tune: Martin Schack
Find more lyrics, notes and chords for the CD: Seascape – Wadden Sea Songs

Salt air over restless water and hastening clouds
Pale sunshine and dark rainstorm driven by wind
The sea outlines the sand
Time the moon and the tides
Salt water turns into land

This seascape was sung from darkness by seagulls’ cries
Built from nothing by wandering singers who gave it all names
They sang the birds in the sky
They sang the fish in the sea
They sang the beasts in the grass

Flat country breeds hard people who fight to survive
Raising homes on grassy hillocks to keep them from harm
Always lived by the sea
Always lived with the sea
The sea’s life kept them alive