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Viking warriors at Ribe Viking Centre in Denmark

Ribe Viking Market – a top event in Denmark

Put Ribe Viking Market on your bucket list

Every year around May 1st Denmark’s most authentic Viking Market takes place in Ribe VikingeCenter. More than 500 Vikings from all over Europe meet to join the market.
Visitdenmark  – the Danish tourist board –  mentions it among the “Top events in Denmark 2015

Viking ready to fight
Viking ready to fight at Ribe Viking Market

Do you dare to look in the eyes of a Viking

In 2015 this event will take place from May 1 to May 8.
We hope you feel inspired to put Ribe Viking Market on your travel bucket list for  your next adventure when you have enjoyed (- or have been repelled) by our Viking photos of expressive Viking men’s faces.

Viking drinking from drinking horn
Viking drinking from drinking horn

Best photos from last year’s Viking Market

If you want to see more Viking photos, check out Danhostel Ribe‘s best Viking photos from last year’s market : Our best photos from Ribe Viking Market and the links on the bottom of this article.

Viking with eyes made impressive by a kohl-like eyeliner
This Viking is trying to impress you with long hair, a beard and eyes made impressive by a kohl-like eyeliner

The Vikings will make an effort to impress

Make no mistake – the Vikings will make en effort to impress you.
Maybe Vikings during Viking Age didn’t smell very well – but they wore jewellery, combed their hair and trimmed their beards and used a kind of kohl around their eyes to impress their enemies and win the attention of the women. Since the Viking woman could choose their own husbands, the Viking men had to make an effort in their appearance to be attractive for the women.

Arab with long hair and beard at the Viking market
Arab with long hair and beard at the Viking market

Long hair and beard symbolized strength

If longer hair and beard symbolized strength among the Vikings this Arab visiting Ribe Viking market was able to compete with them. He had the longest beard we have seen at the Viking Market. He named himself after Ibn-Fadhlan, an Arab writer who more than 1000 years ago described the Vikings as “the filthiest of all Allah’s creatures“.
Sadly, we will never meet Ibn-Fadhlan again in Ribe, as he passed away last summer. He was a good friend of the hostel and his good humor and kindness will be greatly missed. All honour to his memory.

ThisThis Viking will not make you feel very welcome
This Viking will probably not make you feel very welcome

Some Vikings will scare you…

This Viking may not have long hair and beard, but we think his eyes are scary, and we certainly wouldn’t like to meet him again at the Viking Market.

Viking with an axe
Viking with an axe

Lonely Planet’s Best in Europe

Last year Viking Denmark was on the “Lonely Planet’s Best in Europe” list and they said about  Viking Ribe  that it was “The jewel in Jutland’s Viking crown is Ribe”.

Viking boy with the firm and angry look of a grown up Viking
Viking boy with the firm and angry look of a grown up Viking

Boys grow up to become men

If you visit Ribe Viking Market yearly, you will see boys grow up to become men. This boy – Birk – is well on his way. We meet him every year at the Viking Market, and as you can see he already manages the impressive look of an adult Viking.

 Viking absorbed in his work
Viking absorbed in his work

What to do if you miss Ribe Viking Market

Ribe Viking Market marks the opening of Ribe VikingeCenter (Ribe Viking Centre) for the summer season ahead. So don’t worry if you miss the market, there are many other opportunities to get close to the Vikings in Ribe – Denmark’s oldest town – during the year.

Viking at Ribe Viking Market in Denmark
Viking at Ribe Viking Market in Denmark

Viking places in Ribe, Denmark

Viking Warrior training for children

Children 7 to 13 years old can – among others – learn how to fight as Vikings at Ribe VikingeCenter – so remember to put it on your family travel bucket list as well

Defeated Viking warrior
Defeated Viking warrior

Photography Exhibition at Danhostel Ribe

In our hostel you can see a Photography Exhibition of photos from Ribe and Wadden Sea National Park . Some of the photos are Viking photos, like this one of a defeated Viking. The photos can also be bought as postcards at the hostel.


Danhostel Ribe’s photographer Gudrun Rishede took these photos

Find Danhostel Ribe på facebook
Danhostel Ribe’ facebook

Denmark’s biggest Viking Market in Ribe grows even bigger in 2010

Don’t miss 9 days of authentic market atmosphere, when more than 300 Vikings from all over Scandinavia meet at Ribe Viking Centre for the yearly unique Viking Market.
This year the Viking Market will last for 9 DAYS because Ribe is celebrating its 1300th anniversary as a town.
1300 years ago – in the Medieval Viking Era – Ribe Viking market all ready existed at the river of Ribe, 2 minutes walk from our hostel Danhostel Ribe

Enjoy this movie from  Ribe Viking Market and I am sure you can’t wait to go there yourself

At the market you will meet the best Viking craftsmen working and probably strike a good bargain, you will smell the Viking Food being cooked in the fire place and meet the farmer and his animals. You will see horsemen on Icelandic horses, Viking warriors fighting, the falconer letting his birds of prey fly, musicians, jesters an if you are not afraid you can let the vølva Gunna tell your fortune.

See Viking photos from Ribe here