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Look inside the brain of the cuttlefish at the Wadden Sea Centre, Ribe, Denmark

octopus-wadden-sea-centre-dkWhat is inside a cuttlefish brain? It should be highly intelligent. And WE BELIEVE it.
Once we (the host and his wife at the hostel Danhostel Ribe) were on a longer boat tour in the Mediterranean and one day caught an octopus (cuttlefish-blæksprutte). As it was evening we put in a bucket with a lit, and afterwards into a wooden box with a very heavy cover.  Our intention was to study it the next day. BUT:  The next day it was gone and we never saw it again.
What happened?  Where was it? How did it do it? Where did it hide? Could we sleep safely the next night? 

We also have cuttlefish in the Wadden Sea, and now we have the chance to find out what is inside its brain. 
The Wadden Sea Centre in Ribe gives everybody the possibility to dissect a cuttlefish every day during week 7 and 8 (skolernes vinterferie). 

We went to hear the nature guide tell about the cuttlefish and to look inside it. And YES – It is true that the cuttlefish is very clever.  They can even be trained to open lids from jars etc. and in some exhibition aquariums in the middle of the night they can find out to crawl into the neighbor aquariums and help themselves to a stomach ace. Next morning they will be back in their own aquarium and behave as if nothing had happened.

We also had the opportunity to follow a guide through the exhibition and see the multimedia show about storm floods to understand the consequences for those of us, who live by the Wadden Sea, if the water level rises due to global warming.  We could see some of the small animals from the Wadden Sea through magnifying glass – and at last just sit down and listen to Anisette from Savage Rose’s music and see the beautiful photo show of Jan Kofod Winther.

Read about and see photos from the Wadden Sea National Park, storm surges etc. here

Dear Obama, Lula, Merkel, Brown, Wen Jiabao, Løkke etc. gathered in Copenhagen

storm-surge-pole-ribe-and-hostel-with-flooded-meadowThis photo shows the storm surge pole in Ribe and in the background our hostel and the highest water level WE have seen on the meadow. The pole is marked with metal rings showing the water level at the many storm surges that, through time, have flooded Ribe.  Ribe’s houses have not been flooded for almost 100 years. We also don´t want them to be flooded the next thousands of years.

Other places in the world the climate chance challenges are even bigger because of higher sea level, lack of rain, etc.

We hope you will make decisions that make a difference when you all gather from Dec. 7th to Dec. 18th 2009 in Copenhagen to United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP15).
That you will take action in real solutions to bring down the world’s Co2 releases – and not just by selling CO2 quotas!
Our generation is obliged to think of the younger generation.

The 4th Dec. the Children’s Climate Forum 2009 with delegates from 44 countries finished their conference in Copenhagen with a declaration. The children emphasize that they will not sit back and watch. The time for talk is over.  They are committed to take action and they request the same of governments worldwide.
PLEASE don’t let them down.