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A Ribe dog – a genuine Heinz 57. Ribehunden et gadekryds

En Ribehund (Dogmehund) med sin to-benede overhund.
A Ribe dog (dogma dog) with his two-legged dog’s master
Ribehund - Ribe Dog
Ribehunden Elly – The Ribe Dog Elly

A Ribe Dog – also called a Dogma Dog – is a genuine Heinz 57 from Ribe in Denmark.
To be worthy of being called a Ribe Dog some rules must be followed. The main thing is that the Ribe Dog’s pedigree does not contain breeds registered in the Danish Kennel Club for eight generations on the maternal side.

Ribe Dogs look different
Ribe Dogs look different – different leg length, build, fur, colours and patterns.
Fashion trends for Ribe dogs are revealed each year at the autumn exhibition when the dogs meet to a cousin get-together to mate, wag and bark. This cousin get-together always take place on Riberhus Slotsbanke (Riberhus castle hill) while their two-legged masters enjoy themselves with coffee and beer.
In 2013 this will be the 1st of September at 2pm

Photo left: The Ribe Dog “Ole Barkentin Sønderstrup” and his two-legged dog’s master political commissar, Thyge Jensen.
Thyge Jensen unanimously adopted the rules of the Ribe Dogs with 1 vote against 0 votes.

Some other rules for Ribe Dogs:

Ribe Cat and Ribe Dog. Ribekat og Ribehund
Ribe Cat and Ribe Dog.
Ribekat og Ribehund

A Dogma Dog (Ribe Dog) has better not walk on a dog lead, should not be dried with a hairdryer or rubbed with a handkerchief when it becomes wet, it is not smartened up with loops or anything else. A Ribe Dog prefers being with other dogs, alternatively with people who treat it like a dog. A Ribe Dog lies in the furniture and puppies eat the furniture, it rolls in dead gulls, rotten sheep or ditto seals and porpoises without subsequently being reprimanded.

Photos: Danhostel Ribe.
A Ribe Dog among other four legged decide themselves who is the over- and underdog. See the video:

DK: En Ribehund er et ægte gadekryds

DK: En Ribehund er et ægte gadekryds

Der gælder helt specielle regler, for at en hund kan kaldes en Ribehund. Den vigtigste er, at Ribehundens stamtavle ikke må indeholde racer registreret i Dansk Kennel Klub i otte generationer på moderens side. Ribehundene skal helst ikke ligne hinanden i kropsbygning, benlængde, pels, farve og mønstre. Årets mode indenfor Ribehunde bestemmes hvert år til fætter/kusine komsammen på Slotsbanken, hvor Ribehundene mødes til fornøjelig parring, logren og gøen.

I 2013 mødes Ribehundene og deres overhunde til fætter/kusine sammenkomst på Slotsbanken i Ribe d. 1. sept. kl. 14.

Vil du vide mere om Ribehunden, så læs mere på dette link: Ribehunde

Fotos: Danhostel Ribe

Ribehund med tobenet overhund på Johanne Dan
Ribehunden Elly og Thyge Jensen på everten Johanne Dan i Ribe Å. I baggrunden Nationalpark Vadehavet og Danhostel Ribe