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Documentary film about Ribe

Danish TV have several broadcastings from Ribe during Ribe’s 1300th anniversary. Most of them will of course be in Danish – but our foreign guests may enjoy the pictures
The film is produced by TVSyd and shows Ribe’s nature (12 min):

Here are some of the subjects mentioned and shown: Ribe River (Ribe Å) and the boat Johanne Dan at Skibbroen, Ribe Waterway Lock (Kammerslusen), storm surges (stormfloder), and the water level as tall as a man inside Ribe Cathedral (Ribe Domkirke) during the worst storm surge in history, the marshland and Wadden Sea (Vadehavet) and its wildlife and migration birds – also the several thousand starlings that “dance” and are making fascinating formations in the air every spring and autumn. In Denmark we call it Sort Sol (Black sun)

The first of February you can see all 3 TVSyd’s films about Ribe on: this link

The official opening of Ribe’s 1300th anniversary in Ribe Cathedral is tomorrow the 8th January at 4 pm.

Ribe. 1300 års jubilæum 2010When Ribe’s 1300th anniversary is opened in Ribe Cathedral with speeches by Danish culture minister Carina Christensen, Mayor Johnny Søtrup, and with music by famous flute player Michala Petri and Vestjysk Symfoniorkester 1000 Ribe citizens will be there to celebrate it. We will also be there.
Events, concerts, exhibitions, etc in 2010 at Ribe’s 1300 years celebration can be seen on the hostel’s homepage now in 3 languages (Danish, English and German) and will be updated on a regular basis: Danhostel Ribe (Look for the 1300 years logo on the front page for every language)

Ribe celebrates its 1300th anniversary in 2010-Ribe 1300 års jubilæum


The Danish queen Magrethe II has been invited – you are also welcome

Ribe was founded about 700 A.D. and is Denmark’s and Scandinavia’s oldest town.

With a budget of D.kr. 22 mill (2.957.000 Euro) and 250 different activities during the year focused on the history, nature and culture of Ribe it will be the biggest celebration in Ribe’s history ever.

Organisations, businesses, sports clubs, schools, churches, cultural and social groups in the town have planed events to help celebrate this special anniversary year.

Smaller and bigger arrangements will take place all year, some are:

  • The Royal Danish Opera will perform Verdi’s La Traviatta
  • Ribe will be on show in several broadcasts – one of the international, when the cooking show “Perfect Day” will display famous Nordic chefs. One of the chefs Claus Meyer, visits Ribe and cooks with local Wadden Sea products as oysters, mussels, marsh calves and lamb
  • Ribe Viking Market, Denmark’s biggest Viking market, will last for 9 days in 2009
  • Wadden Sea Festival  – the Danish part of the Wadden Sea will be one of Denmark’s first National Parks in 2010
  • Theatre Festival for children and youngsters
  • Animation Festival
  • Culture Night

From 1st January you can read the program on the hostel’s homepage in Danish, English and German

Jens from the hostel has taken part in the planning of the celebration. The hostel is mostly involved in the following arrangements:

  •  Earth hour 201027th March. The global event „turn out the lights”. Lights are out and we walk with the night watchmen through 1300 years of history in Ribe. Ribe’s watchmen will guide us safely through 1300 years of history in Ribe and tell about kings and queens, witches burning, decapitated pirates, fires and floods…
    The walk begins at Danhostel Ribe. Danhostel Ribe and Gammelt Præg (Ribe Town Preservation Organisation) will mark Ribe’s 1300 year anniversary this way. Everyone is welcome
  • My Ribe and Wadden Sea. Photo exhibition at Danhostel Ribe. All year. Over 50 large photos on canvas show the inhabitants of Ribe, their town and nature. All captured with a wink by Gudrun Rishede
  • Tapestry made by the Ribe Quilters. The Ribe Quilters are donating a large tapestry to hang at Ribe Vandrehjem (Danhostel Ribe). The motives on the tapestry are all from Ribe, e. g. the cathedral, the stork in its nest on the old city hall, Sct. Catharinae Church, Queen Dagmar, the storm flood pole and Maren Spliid’s house.

Man with beer


Right now there is an empty space on the wall in Danhostel Ribe’s restaurant. One of Gudrun’s photos “Man with beer” is during December exhibited in Quedens Gaard together with 25 other local artists’ different kinds of art works.  
Ribe Art Museum’s Christmas exhibition is called: “By og marsk, mennesker og dyr, vejr og vind” (town and marshland, man and animal, wind and weather).  The Photo will be back in the hostel in Jan. 2010

Entrance to the exhibition is free. 27. Nov. 2009 – 3. Jan. 2010

Ribe Art Museum – Ribe Kunstmuseum – is momentarily placed in Quedens Gaard because of rebuilding. A.P. Møller og Hustru Chastine Mc-Kinney Møllers Fond til almene Formaal has granted DKK 46,5 mill for the rebuilding that has started and will go on most of 2010.
60 of Ribe Art Museum’s chief ranging from the Danish Golden Age to the Skagen painters (Eckersberg, Købke, Ancher, Zahrtmann, Ring etc.) can be seen on Den Hirschsprungske Samling in Copenhagen until 5th September 2010 

Welcome to Danhostel Ribe Blog

Ribe Hostel when the meadow is floodedGudrun and Jens welcome you to Danhostel Ribe’s new Blog.
On this stormy and rainy day is it a good day to stay inside and start this blog.

The meadow outside the hostel is flooded. In a way you can say that we have an amazing “sea view”. It´s good to have in mind that Ribe hasn´t been flooded the last 100 years (since the Ribe dike was built). Another day we’ll tell you about the dikes, influence from climate changes and our thoughts concerning that.  

This blog will deal with our hostel Danhostel Ribe and other hostels, Ribe town (history, culture, people etc.), The Wadden Sea National Park that will be established in 2010, and Sustainable Tourism (how do we obtain that and what do we do?)

But first of all we have to look a little around and find out how to “blog”.