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Denmark’s biggest Viking Market in Ribe grows even bigger in 2010

Don’t miss 9 days of authentic market atmosphere, when more than 300 Vikings from all over Scandinavia meet at Ribe Viking Centre for the yearly unique Viking Market.
This year the Viking Market will last for 9 DAYS because Ribe is celebrating its 1300th anniversary as a town.
1300 years ago – in the Medieval Viking Era – Ribe Viking market all ready existed at the river of Ribe, 2 minutes walk from our hostel Danhostel Ribe

Enjoy this movie from  Ribe Viking Market and I am sure you can’t wait to go there yourself

At the market you will meet the best Viking craftsmen working and probably strike a good bargain, you will smell the Viking Food being cooked in the fire place and meet the farmer and his animals. You will see horsemen on Icelandic horses, Viking warriors fighting, the falconer letting his birds of prey fly, musicians, jesters an if you are not afraid you can let the vølva Gunna tell your fortune.

See Viking photos from Ribe here