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New architecture in old town. Ribe, Denmark

How new architecture fits into Ribe, Scandinavia’s oldest town

In terms of historical sights, Ribe is a town without compare in Denmark. It is Denmark’s, and Scandinavia’s, oldest town and every corner oozes history. Ribe has the largest number of preserved buildings in Denmark outside Copenhagen, but in Ribe you can walk to them all, while in Copenhagen they are spread over a much larger area. You’ll find about 120 preserved buildings in Ribe.

Ribe, Denmark. This is the view of Ribe old town from the hostel, Danhostel Ribe
Ribe’s old town, from the hostel, Danhostel Ribe

Walk from our hostel, Danhostel Ribe, right into the heart of Ribe and visit all the best sights: A self-guided old town walk

Ribe Art Museum, Denmark
Ribe Art Museum (left in the photo) reopened 2010 after a major repair and renovation project

Urban renewal in Ribe

Although Ribe is old, development hasn’t stalled. Urban renewal is ongoing, fitting respectfully into the old city, while differing in both design and materials.
Here are a few examples from the past year.

Ribe Cathedral Square, Denmark
Ribe Cathedral Square, Denmark

Ribe Cathedral Square

Where Ribe Cathedral was formerly in a hollow following centuries of accumulation of surrounding deposits (the cultural layers), you will now find the paving sloping down.
The renovation of Ribe Cathedral Square, designed by the Danish Schonherr Landscape Architects (Schønherr),  rewarded the citizens with a lovely square for events all year round and for hanging out in cafes and restaurants during summertime. The town square is now a beautiful and functioning public space with the Cathedral as a natural centre.
The renovation also improved vehicular and pedestrian movement and appearance, though  the outcome has proved controversial and started a debate about the proper balance between the rights of the vehicles and pedestrians.

Kannikegaarden in Ribe, Denmark
Kannikegaarden in Ribe, Denmark

Kannikegården – The Canon Monastery

Kannikegården is a building of visionary new architecture on the town square opposite Ribe Cathedral. It is designed by the Danish architects Lundgaard and Tranberg. It belongs to Ribe parish’s parochial church council and houses the parochial church council and the staff at Ribe Cathedral. The building is raised above Denmark’s first Christian cemetery, dating back to the Mid-800s, when the German Apostle Ansgar – known as the “Apostle of the North” – was permitted by King Horik of Denmark to built the first Danish Christian church  in Ribe.  Nobody knew if and where this church was built in Ribe, until the former building at this place burned down and archaeologists were allowed funds to  excavate the area. Here they found  the cemetery with these early Christian-Viking graves.
Outside Ribe Cathedral facing Kannikegården is placed a new and modern statue of Ansgar, the “Apostle of the North”.

Outside Ribe Cathedral is a statue of Ansgar, the “Apostle of the North” facing Kannikegården
Outside Ribe Cathedral is a statue of Ansgar, the “Apostle of the North” facing Kannikegården

A later canon’s monastery dating back to the mid-1100s was found in the same excavation and gave the building its name, Kannikegården. Some of the excavation has been preserved , so you can have a look through the building’s perimeter glass facades and see walls from the canon monastery’s dining room. In this way these ancient walls are integrated into the new building, telling a very important part of ancient Danish history to the public.

Kannikegaarden, Ribe, Denmark
Kannikegaarden. Lecture room

If you want to know more about Ribe Cathedral, the town square and the statue of Angar, the “Apostle of the North”: Ribe Cathedral.
If you want to know more about the Christian Viking graves: Vikings

Ansgar, the “Apostle of the North”
Ansgar, the “Apostle of the North” . Ribe, Denmark

 Chilling by the river

Chilling by the Ribe River, Denmark
Chilling by the Ribe River, Denmark

A new wooden terrace by Ribe River only a few steps from the hostel was inaugurated a month ago. The terrace is the result of an exemplary collaboration between citizens of Ribe town and Esbjerg municipality. It is a great place for chilling out with a glass of wine or an ice cream cone while enjoying the view of Ribe River, the old town or the sunset over Ribe and the Wadden Sea National Park.
Both Ribe citizens and guests of Ribe have immediately  taken the terrace into their hearts.

Ribe River and the new wooden terrace
Ribe River, the new wooden terrace and the bridge over the river to the hostel

Do you want to know more about Ribe ?

Useful links:

Moped at Ribe Cathedral Square
Moped at Ribe Cathedral Square

Book a room at the hostel in Ribe

You don’t even have to leave your room to enjoy the beauty of Ribe’s skyline – the most photographed view in town.

Book Online at Danhostel Ribe in Denmark
Book Online at Danhostel Ribe in Denmark. Click the photo, read more about accommodation at Danhostel Ribe hostel, and book your room online.


Classic cars in Ribe every Tuesday. Just outside the hostel

10 things to do for free in Ribe – Denmark

Danhostel Ribe’s recommendations for 10 free things to do in Ribe listed in random order.
Ribe is Scandinavia’s oldest town placed on the West Coast of Denmark. It was voted EUROPE’S BEST BIG-TIME SMALL DESTINATION 2014 and was also recommended by Lonely Planet as a Viking site you should visit in “Lonely Planet’s Best in Europe 2014”. “Viking Denmark” was No 5 on this list.

Night Watchman in Ribe, Denmark
Night Watchman in Ribe, Denmark

1. A walk with Ribe’s Night Watchman

Every evening from May 1st to October 22th you can join Ribe’s night Watchman as he takes you on a guided walk through the winding cobblestoned streets of old Ribe and tells you dramatic and romantic stories from the history of Denmark’s and Scandinavia’s oldest town. He also sings the Night Watchman song to remind the citizens that it is time to go to sleep. Find your tour and read more

Ribe Cathedral
Ribe Cathedral with modern art

2. Ribe Cathedral with Michelin stars

Ribe Cathedral is a 2-starred Michelin Guide attraction – 3 stars are the maximum in the Michelin Guide, that reviews and rates attractions other than restaurants.

Ribe Cathedral is the only 5-aisled church in Denmark and combines old and new in an amazing way. The world famous COBRA artist Carl Henning Pedersen decorated the apse with colourful dramatic modern frescoes, mosaics and stained glass windows, but you can find medieval frescoes, memorials and other artifacts in the Cathedral as well.

There are several free church concerts in Ribe Cathedral during the summer holidays, see: Highlights in Ribe

Ribe Market on Wednesdays. Danhostel Ribe in the background
Ribe Market on Wednesdays. Danhostel Ribe in the background

3. Market day in Ribe every wednesday

Market day in Ribe is every Wednesday from May to the beginning of September. The Market is on the Skibbro quay (the harbour) and you can see it from the hostel’s windows. You might wake up in the morning when the traders are arranging their display of goods. You can buy new and second hand wares and fresh food.
During the Danish summer holidays when schools are closed, you shouldn’t miss the children’s market, where the children have their toys, books, clothes and much more on sale. This is also on Wednesdays and takes place in the town square.

Classic cars in Ribe every Tuesday.  Just outside the hostel
Classic cars in Ribe every Tuesday. Just outside the hostel

4. Classic, Vintage and American cars

and motorcycles. Every Tuesday from April to September owners of classic and vintage cars from near and far in Denmark meet on the meadow outside our hostel (Danhostel Ribe) to show their cars and admire all the other cars. The car owners have a passion for taking care of their vehicles, and if you like old cars too, come and have a look. The better the weather is the more vehicles will be on display and it is not unusual to see over 100 cars on the meadow.
Mostly cars but also some motorcycles.

Ribe Town, Denmark
Ribe Town, Denmark

5. Ribe town

Ribe town is an attraction in itself. You should spend time strolling around enjoying the beauty of our town, Ribe River, town parks, the beautiful new town square, winding narrow alleys and cobblestoned streets.
Danhostel Ribe has made a self-guided walking tour of old town Ribe. You can find it here: Old Town Walk . Lonely Planet says about Ribe: “This is historic Denmark at its most photogenic, all cobblestones and higgledy-piggledy houses – so pretty, it was recently voted ‘Europe’s Best Big-Time Small Destination’. Link: “Viking Denmark – following the footsteps of ancient explorers
Ribe town is also awarded with 2 stars in the Michelin guide of Attractions. The guide writes: “Ribe is probably the best preserved medieval town in Denmark. Its small size has enabled it to retain its architectural unity and old-world charm.”
Ribe is also special for a winter break: Christmas and winter in Ribe is special. 30 photos from Ribe in Denmark

Pet goat at Ribelund Animal Park
Pet goat at Ribelund Animal Park

6. Ribelund Animal Park

A visit to the small animal park Ribelund Dyrepark is a must if you are a family with small children. Here you’ll find pet goats, sheep, horses, donkeys, small kangaroos, birds and fallow deer, but also a playground, picnic tables, and benches. Furthermore jogging paths and an observation platform where you can observe the birdlife in and around Ribe Østerå.

Ribe Brewery, Denmark
Ribe Brewery, Denmark

7. Ribe Brewery

Ribe Brewery – the Micro-brewery is open for viewing and purchasing every Saturday from 10am to 2pm (All year). If you pass by another day than Saturday and notice the brewers are brewing, you are also welcome – but the brewers are only brewing as a hobby, and therefore they are not working here every day. Ribe Brewery brews: Blonde light Ale, Brown Ale and Black dark Ale – but also seasonal brews, such as Christmas Ale and the Wadden Sea Brew. We also sell Ribe Beer at our hostel, see: Souvenirs 

Ribe Craftmans Market
Ribe Craftmans Market in October – Sct Catharinae Abbey

8. Galleries and exhibitions

Take a look at the many galleries with art, glass, ceramics etc. Often you will also find art or photo exhibitions somewhere in the town.
At the hostel we have our own permanent photo exhibition of Ribe and Wadden Sea motives shot by the same photographer, who took all the photos on this page.
During Easter the “Art Tour Southwest Jutland” takes place. Along the South West Coast of Denmark more than a 100 galleries, studios and museums welcome you to visit them.
Ribe’s Craftmans Market takes place during the first weekend in October.

Children's market at the town square. Same place is entertainment for children on Thursdays
Children’s market at the town square. Same place is entertainment for children on Thursdays

9. Entertainment for children

And a little more for the children. Every Thursday in July and the first Thursday in August they can enjoy entertainment for children at Ribe’s town square. 4pm

The hostel's sports hall
The hostel’s sports hall

10. Danhostel Ribe’s sports hall

Danhostel Ribe’s guests have the opportunity to play ball or badminton in Ribehallen (our sports hall) for free when it is not in use. And during the school holidays it will be possible much of the time. Our guests can also play table tennis and table football for free or borrow one of the many board games. If you want to try our rock climbing wall – one of the best in Denmark – you will have to pay.

11. The Wadden Sea – UNESCO World Heritage

Finally, we will mention the Wadden Sea National Park, that is now UNESCO World Heritage: Wadden Sea National Park UNESCO World Heritage. Year round adventures

Nature is free to enjoy, but we recommend that you also join one of the guided tours. Oyster hunting in winter,  Black Sun – the starlings’ spectacular air shows spring and autumn , Wadden Sea walks and seal watching in summer.  See photos and video from a Sea Explorer Tour

Remember to book your room or bed

at Danhostel Ribe. The hostel has Ribe’s most photographed view and is placed both in the town centre and in the Wadden Sea National Park: Danhostel Ribe

©All Photos: Gudrun Rishede, Danhostel Ribe


Ribe is Europe’s Best Big-Time Small Destination 2014

Two European travel websites have asked their users:
“Which is the best small town in Europe” among 52 beautiful European towns.

Ribe - Europe's most beautiful town
More than 22.000 voted and Ribe in Denmark won the competition. 3965 users voted for Ribe while Obidos in Portugal was next with 3734 votes. See the results: Globalgrasshopper
Ribe Town Square and Ribe CathedralRibe is Denmark’s and Scandinavia’s oldest town. It is dated back to the early Viking Era (710AD). Ribe town and its citizens have for many years  done a lot to preserve the architectural and cultural heritage of Ribe. Latest around the town square and Ribe Cathedral . See photo left.

If you want to know more about Ribe, you can see a lot of beautiful photos and learn about Ribe’s history and attractions on the hostel’s homepage Danhostel Ribe

View from Danhostel Ribe
View from Danhostel Ribe

From Danhostel Ribe you get the best view of both Ribe town and the Wadden Sea National Park.

Ribe harbour and the boat “Johanne Dan” can also be seen from the hostel

Ribe in Denmark is Europe’s Best Big-Time Small Destination 2014
Ribe in Denmark is Europe’s Best Big-Time Small Destination 2014

Guide Michelin. Top 14 Attractions in Denmark. 3-star attractions

Michelin Guide. Restaurants and attractions.
France’s world famous Guide Michelin is probably mostly known for awarding the world’s best restaurants 1-3 stars. Guide Michelin has been rating restaurants and hotels since 1900. Most restaurants never manage to get a single star, and it’s a dream come true for every gourmet restaurant to have a Michelin star – to have 2 or 3 stars is almost impossible.
Attractions in the world also have Michelin stars and Danhostel Ribe’s view is awarded both 2 and the maximum three Michelin Stars. I’ll explain later.


Danish Michelin stared restaurants
In Denmark only restaurants in Copenhagen are awarded with Michelin stars though some of the best Danish restaurants are other places in the country. In 2011 Copenhagen’s restaurants got 11 Michelin stars and maintained its position as northern Europe’s gourmet city. But no restaurants had 3 stars. The world’s best restaurant for the second year in a row, Noma, got 2 stars as the only one in Denmark, while Geranium (also in Copenhagen), where the world’s best chef, Rasmus Kofoed, is head chef was wondering why they didn’t get any stars at all.
In the rest of Denmark we wonder why the Michelin Guides don’t include restaurants in Denmark outside Copenhagen. According to the Danish Gourmet Guide 2012 (Den Danske Spiseguide) the best restaurant in Denmark is:  Henne Kirkeby Kro.  It is placed at the West Coast, exactly 61,3 km from Danhostel Ribe.
Could Henne Kirkeby Kro get 3 Michelin stars if they had the chance? When it comes to the New Nordic kitchen you don’t get better products than those from the salt marshes in the Wadden Sea National Park. And of course you find these products at Henne Kirkeby Kro. In Michael Booth’s blog are photos of some of the dishes they serve.

Danish 3 star Michelin attractions. Maximum three stars awarded attractions in Denmark
Michelin’ green guides award attractions in the world from 1 to 3 stars.
14 Danish attractions have 3 stars.
Attractions in the world with 3 stars you might know:  Tower of London, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Empire State Building in New York, the Sphinx of Giza in Egypt, Pompei in Italy, etc.
But we are so lucky, that our view (see the photo) gets both 2 and 3 stars, since Ribe town (Ribe by) gets 2 stars and Ribe Cathedral (Ribe Domkirke) 3 stars.
It’s possible to have the best view of both Ribe Cathedral (Ribe Domkirke) and Ribe old town  for Danish hostel prices at Danhostel Ribe.

A wintertime view from Danhostel Ribe (Ribe Cathedral, 3 stars in Guide Michelin ), Wintertime in Ribe town (Ribe town 2 stars in Guide Michelin)
A wintertime view from Danhostel Ribe (Ribe Cathedral, 3 stars in Guide Michelin ), Wintertime in Ribe town (Ribe town 2 stars in Guide Michelin)

The only other one with 3 stars in the peninsula Jutland is the Open Air Museum in Aarhus: Den Gamle By – “The Old Town” (see the photo).
In Funen the quarter around H. C. Andersens house has 3 stars, the last 3 starred attractions in Denmark are in Copenhagen and Sealand:  Copenhagen City, Nyhavn Port (photo), the National Fine Arts Museum, the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, the National Museum, Rosenborg Castle, the Museum of Art Louisiana, Frederiksborg Castle, Kronborg – Elsinore Castle, Roskilde Cathedral, Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde
The highest awarded cities in Denmark are:  Aarhus, Roskilde and Ribe – 2 stars and Copenhagen 3 stars


What do the Michelin Stars mean?
1 star for attractions the Green Guide finds interesting
2 stars for attractions the Green Guide finds worth a detour
3 stars for attractions the Green Guide finds exceptional and worth a special journey


Confused? Did you hear about placed with 4 or 5 stars?
1-3 Michelin Stars are awarded for the quality of the food and not for the luxury of the place.
1-5 Michelin “forks and knives” are awarded for the luxury of the place, five being a “Luxurious restaurant”.
1-5 In many countries hotels five being “Luxurious restaurant”. Danish hotels are rated 1-5.
1-5 Danish Family- and Youth Hostels called Danhostels have their own rating system from 1 to 5:
Danhostel Ribe has 4 stars.

Nyhavn Copenhagen. Guide Michelin 3 stars
Nyhavn Copenhagen. Guide Michelin 3 stars
The old town in Aarhus - Den gamle by i Århus. 3 Michelin Stars
The old town in Aarhus - Den gamle by i Århus. 3 Michelin Stars

Ribe Cathedral is Denmark’s most worth seeing church

Ribe Cathedral and Ribe Harbour seen from Danhostel Ribe
Ribe Cathedral and Ribe Harbour seen from Danhostel Ribe

When it came to choosing the most worth seeing church in Denmark the readers of the Danish national newspaper “Kristelig Dagblad” choosed Ribe Cathedral as number 1 in front of Østerlars Kirke (Church) on the island Bornholm.

That has just been stated and we agree with the choice.
We enjoy the view of the Cathedral from Danhostel Ribe’s windows every day, though we must admit that right now the view is a little less beautiful because the tower is  wrapped up because it  is undergoing a restoration.

Decorations of Carl Henning Pedersen in Ribe Cathedral
Carl Henning Pedersen. Decorations in Ribe Cathedral

Ribe Cathedral has had an amazing ability to combine old and new.
From the beginning about 1150 build in Romanesque style but since it took so long to finish it ended up being a combination of Romanesque and Gothic style.
The most amazing change in this century is the modern decorations of the famous COBRA-artist Carl Henning Pedersen.
Read Ribe Cathedral’s history here: Ribe Cathedral– The Church of Our Lady
And read about the rune stone that was found in the excavation just outside the Cathedral in May this year: Rune Stone

Ribe Cathedral has been rated with 2 michelin stars Michelin Travel Guide Scandinavia (Michelin Green Guide of attractions).

It is possible to climb the tower and you don’t have to count the steps, because I know you will count 248 :-)

14. nov. 2011. NB! Since this article was written Ribe Cathedral has been upgraded to 3 Michelin Stars

Queen Margrethe II of Denmark and Prince Henrik of Denmark visit Ribe

HM Queen Margrethe II of Denmark and HRH Prince Henrik of Denmark visit Ribe today 29th of July because of Ribe’s 1300 years jubilee 2010.
See here some of the preparations for the visit and the arrival in town.

The red carpets were rolled out several places in Ribe town and the Queen and the Prince are going to visit all these places in town: Ribe Cathedral, Ribe old town hall, the Viking Museum, the Viking Centre, the boat Johanne Dan, Tårnborg (where the famous bishop and hymn writer Brorson lived) and Sct. Catharinae’ square.
Lunch is served at the Cathedral School – and Danhostel Ribe has a representative at the lunch, because Jens is involved in the preparations for Ribe’s town jubilee…..at the hostel we are looking forward to hear him tell about it.
The queen will be visiting Ribe again at autumn this year

Her er den lille film om Dronning Margrethe og prins Henriks besøg i Ribe vist på dansk

New Scandinavian Cooking and Claus Meyer in Ribe, Denmark 2010

TV Chef Claus Meyer visited Ribe and the Wadden Sea as the only destination in Denmark in the television series New Scandinavian Cooking.  New Scandinavian Cooking is a cooking series but at the same time a travelling series, so you can look forward to both delicious food and beautiful filming. (Other names for the same: Perfect Day – Smag på Norden – Smag på Danmark)

Danhostel Ribe had the pleasure of Claus Meyer and his crew staying at the hostel for several days
while they were filming this program in Ribe and the Wadden Sea. Some of the program was filmed on the meadow just outside the hostel with Ribe Cathedral and the River as background. In this trailer you can see the view from the hostel (06:59-7:01), and on the film photo over this text you can see Claus Meyer on Ribe River – with the Cathedral on the right side  (06:37- 06:59) (the hostel is situated on the left side of the river)

The last programs in the Scandinavian Cooking program were shown in more than 60 countries all over the world.
Probably these new programs with world premiere in 2010 will be shown in even more countries, because Nordic food has been even more popular since in 2010 the Danish gourmet restaurant NOMA with the chef René Redzepi and 2 Michelin stars  – and chef Claus Meyer as one of the co-owners – won the unofficial “world championship” for restaurants “the San Pellegrino Awards”. It is the first time a Danish restaurant wins the price in the magazine ahead of restaurants as Spain’s El Bulli and Britain’s The Fat Duck. To help elect the best restaurant in the world were 806 chefs, gastronomers and food reviewers.
The other chefs in the cooking series are Andreas Viestad, one of Norway’s most famous TV-chefs and a respected food writer and Tina Nordstrom, who is by far Sweden’s most celebrated TV-chef.
We hope you will enjoy the trailer – though it is in Danish – but if we find it in English we will let you know. And if YOU find out before us please let us know

If you don’t know: NOMA means Nordisk Mad (Nordic food)
Enjoy this new  film from  NOMA, the world’s best restaurant 2010 (this one is in English…) – and read about the Food Snob’s visits at NOMA 

Medieval town seals from Ribe, Denmark

Ribe Medieval Town Seal (the big one)
Ribe Medieval Town Seal (the big one)
Ribe Medieval Town Seal (the small one)
Ribe Medieval Town Seal (the small one)

One of the readers of this blog asked us a question about medieval Ribe town seals.
In the Middle Ages documents were sealed with an seal imprint in warm sealing wax to make them valid in law.
In the early Middle Ages only kings and popes used seals. Later it spread down the social scale to first princes and bishops and then rich citizens, monks and others. Seals were usually made from bronze or lead. Seals were either institutional or personal.
All the personal seals found in Ribe were found in the ground but the 2 medieval town seals known in Ribe were never in the ground, they have been kept by Ribe town Council ever since The Middle Ages and are 2 of the best preserved town seals in Denmark. Both can be seen in the museum of the Old Town Hall in Ribe.
These 2 are the only known town seals from Ribe and they were used for centuries, probably already from the 13th century when the first known town privileges were granted Ribe by the Danish kings and Ribe made its own law (1269), but the first known imprints are from 1311.   
As most seals belonged to one person they were a very personal object and often placed in its owner’s grave when he died. Often the seal of important people was broken before it was placed in the grave so that nobody could misuse it if they took it.

A Ribe town seal was stolen by a former town mayor
The town council’s decisions were written on parchment and afterwards marked with the town’s official seal in wax. It was important that the town’s seals didn’t fall in the wrong hands, but that was actually what happened in Ribe in 1377 when a former town mayor, Jacob Jensen, stole one of the town’s 2 seals and also the town’s keys and let armed people in the town and in the cathedral’s big tower that was the town’s treasury. He also tried to kill a prominent man in the Cathedral and he wrote false letters that he sealed with the towns seal. The history doesn’t tell us how the seal and the keys came back to the town or how he was driven out of Ribe, but we know that he was because the town demanded that he should be punished no matter where he was caught. We don’t know if he was ever caught. 

Seals found in Ribe town
Until 2010 19 medieval seals have been found in Ribe town (only Roskilde has found more). The last 2 from the 13th-14th century were found in the Ribe excavation south of Ribe Cathedral 2008/2009.(Read the article: “Denmark’s probably first Christian burials are found”). These 19 are the real seals found, but more different seals are known from imprints. From the 19 found Ribe seals are only known imprints from the 2 town seals.

The 2 Ribe town seals
The big Ribe town seal (8,9cm diameter) is known from imprints from 1311 – 1543. Maybe it has been used longer. The seal is made from gilded silver and had a picture of Ribe Cathedral and 3 leopards, showing that Ribe was one of the king’s towns. Ribe town arms used the same picture. The inscription is: + SIGILLUM : CIVITATIS : RIPENSIS which means: Ribe town seal 
The small Ribe town seal (5,5cm.) is known from imprints from 1377 – 1539. Maybe it has been used longer. The seal is made from bronze. The picture shows the Virgin Mary with the child. In the bottom of the seal is a leopard (lion), also showing that Ribe was one of the king’s towns. The inscription is: SECRETUM BURGENSIUM DE RIPEN which means: Ribe citizen’s seal

Where to see the seals
For those who visit Ribe and want to see the town’s seals and learn more about medieval law and order in Ribe the right place to go is Ribe’s Old Town Hall with a display of the town hall collection which gives an impression of the town, the council and the lives of the citizens.  The collection is shown in the originally debtors’ prison for the more noble law-breakers. The normal prison for the common law-breakers was in the cellar. The collection contains part of the town archives going back to the Middle Ages. Many items of interest associated with the town are from this period.

Seglstamper fra middelalderens Ribe af Michael Andersen. By, Marsk og Geest nr 18, s. 75-86
Det gamle Raadhus & Raadhussamlingen i Ribe af Per Kristian Madsen. Sparekassen Sydjylland. 1984
And thank you to Claus Feveile and Morten Søvsø, Den antikvariske Samling (Ribe’s Museums -Sydvestjyske Museer) for helping me.

1300 jubilee tapestry made by the Ribe Quilters revealed at Danhostel Ribe

Ribe 1300 years’ jubilee tapestry
Ribe 1300 years’ jubilee tapestry

Yesterday the hostel and the Ribe Quilters revealed the Ribe 1300 years’ jubilee tapestry. More than 350 hours have the skilled Ribe Quilters worked to produce the tapestry and now they hand it over to Ribe town as a gift. The tapestry can be seen in Danhostel Ribe´s reception area all 2010. We hope a lot of you will drop in to enjoy the beautiful work the quilters have made by small pieces of cloth and needlework

The motives on the tapestry are all from Ribe, e. g. Ribe Cathedral, the Night Watchman of Ribe, the stork in its nest on the old city hall, Sct. Catharinæ Church and Monestry, Queen Dagmar on Slotsbanken, the flood post and Maren Spliids house. In the middle of it all is the logo of Ribe’s 1300 year anniversary.

Henrik Ravn, one of Ribe’s Night Watchmen, and Knud Jager Andersen from Esbjerg town council reveiled the tapestry and speeches were made by Knud Jager Andersen, Jens Philipsen from the hostel and Karin Berthelsen from The Ribe Quilters.
The tapestry can be seen in Danhostel Ribe´s reception area all 2010. We hope a lot of you will drop in to enjoy the beautiful work the quilters have made with small pieces of cloth and thread.


Knud Jager Andersen reveals the Ribe Tapestry at Danhostel Ribe
Knud Jager Andersen reveals the Ribe Tapestry at Danhostel Ribe

The Ribe Quilters is a group of 60 girls – aged 25 to 80 – who share a common interest in patchwork and quilting. 18 of the girls have participated in quilting this carpet. The 1300 jubilee steering committee has granted 7000 d.kr. for the project, Diana Berthelsen has made the drawing for the carpet and Deko-Reklame has granted a big print of the drawing for the quilters to work after. 
Read more about the Ribe Quilters on the  Ribe Quilters own weblog