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Documentary film about Ribe

Danish TV have several broadcastings from Ribe during Ribe’s 1300th anniversary. Most of them will of course be in Danish – but our foreign guests may enjoy the pictures
The film is produced by TVSyd and shows Ribe’s nature (12 min):

Here are some of the subjects mentioned and shown: Ribe River (Ribe Å) and the boat Johanne Dan at Skibbroen, Ribe Waterway Lock (Kammerslusen), storm surges (stormfloder), and the water level as tall as a man inside Ribe Cathedral (Ribe Domkirke) during the worst storm surge in history, the marshland and Wadden Sea (Vadehavet) and its wildlife and migration birds – also the several thousand starlings that “dance” and are making fascinating formations in the air every spring and autumn. In Denmark we call it Sort Sol (Black sun)

The first of February you can see all 3 TVSyd’s films about Ribe on: this link