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Jazz Camp Ribe at Danhostel Ribe, Denmark

Jazz Camp Ribe photos. Danhostel Ribe

Jazz Camp RibeJazz camp every spring the last 5 years

The hostel has been the setting for  Jazz Camp Ribe for kids every spring the last 5 years. The camp is organized by Ribe’s jazz club Jazzin’Ribe, the culture school of Esbjerg (Esbjerg Kulturskole) and “Jazz Hostel” Danhostel Ribe, Ribe’s hostel.
High spirits at Jazz Camp Ribe in Denmark

The hostel really comes alive with jazz

When students from schools of music from all around the Southern part of Jutland come together at Danhostel Ribe to play  jazz the hostel really comes alive.

The youngest participants at Jazz Camp Ribe

Passionate and enthusiastic musicians

The age range for participants at this year’s jazz camp ranges from 9 to 19. The youngest to have ever participated was only 8 years old. All the students are passionate and enthusiastic about their music.

Professional instruction at Jazz Camp RibeProfessional music instruction

Students of all levels receive mentoring and professional instruction to develop their musical skills and enhance their knowledge of music.

classes in ensemble playing,  jam,  workshops and master classes.

Jazz classes

During the weekend the kids attend classes in ensemble playing,  they jam and they take part in different workshops and master classes.

The jazz camp is also for vocalists

Jazz vocalists

Both instrumental musicians and vocalists participate in the music camp. Some of the participants train their skills both as vocalists and musicians.

Jazz workshops only for girlsJazz camp for both boys and girls

In general the jazz genre is dominated by men, but at JazzCamp Ribe, the girls represent almost half of the participants. The girls play all kinds of different instruments as well as sing –just like the boys.

At Jazz Camp Ribe you'll meet hand-picked jazz teachers

Hand-picked jazz teachers

All the teachers are handpicked by Jazzin’Ribe to ensure qualified, talented and experienced teachers and the highest level of education for the students.

Studying music with the top jazz artists in Denmark

Top jazz artists and teachers

Every year the students study with some of the top jazz artists and teachers in Denmark during the day, and see some of them perform at night at public concerts in Ribe.

The camp is also having fun and making new friends

Meeting old friends and making new friends

On top of the music, the camp is also about meeting old friends and making new ones, having fun, and playing in our sports hall, Ribehallen

Jazz Camp Ribe is also having fun

 Planning next year’s camp?

Maybe they are planning next year’s camp, composing new music – or maybe they are just having fun.

Jazz Camp Ribe and delicious food

Delicious hostel food

Last but not least, the camp is also eating and enjoying the delicious hostel food.

Jazz Camp Ribe concert

 Rising  jazz stars

On the third day of the jazz camp all the students will show to the public how the new rising stars of jazz play at a concert at SeminarieHuset in Ribe.All that jazz at the hostel

Looking forward to Jazz Camp Ribe 2017

After 3 days the kids leave the camp with jazz dancing through their heads, already looking forward to seeing each other again at next year’s Jazz Camp.

Jazz Camp Ribe 2016

The hostel host is a jazz lover

It’s no secret that Danhostel Ribe‘s host, Jens, loves Jazz. Jazz Camp Ribe was his idea from the very beginning. He is  already looking forward to next year’s camp – and to the jazz camp for adults at the hostel this autumn.

Jazz camp video

Feel the vibes of  Jazz Camp Ribe in this video.

A few more jazz camp photos

Jazz Camp Ribe photoJazz Camp Ribe photoJazz Camp Ribe photo

Jazz Camp Ribe, Denmark

Jazz Camp Ribe – See you next year 

Hans Esbjerg Trio creating a brilliant synthesis of Bach and jazz improvisation in Ribe

Hans Esbjerg Trio at Danhostel Ribe
Trio WEJ (Waidtløv, Esbjerg, Jørgensen) – Hans Esbjerg Trio

Hans Esbjerg Trio – Also called  Trio WEJ (Waidtløv, Esbjerg, Jørgensen) – was jazzing up Danhostel Ribe yesterday.
Trio WEJ is featuring Hans Esbjerg on piano, Kristian Jørgensen on violin and Claus Waidtløw on clarinet and saxophone.
The hostel filmed the trio’s improvisation over Bach’s Prelude No. 2 in C minor. We enjoyed it. Here you can do the same: VIDEO

The concert was organized by Jazzin’ Ribe (Ribe Jazz Club). Next time you can hear jazz at the hostel will be to Ribe Jazz Festival’s Jazz Brunch.
Ribe Jazz Festival will take place 28th , 29th, 30th and 31 th of July 2011. The festival takes place all around the city. See you in Ribe Jazz Lovers!!!

JAZZ and SLEEP at Danhostel Ribe 13th March 2010

Jazz and Sleep at Danhostel Ribe
Jazz and Sleep at Danhostel Ribe

The spring flowers have started to come out in our garden and here is a very good offer to warm you up.
Jazzin’Ribe arranges Jazz concert at Danhostel Ribe the 13th at 8pm.  The concert is with the bands:

Trio Bryla Schmidt Thomsen from Vestjysk musikkonservatorium in Esbjerg and
Lone Boyd Band, featuring Uffe Steen.

Price for concert: 100,- kr, members 80,- and students: 50,- kr

Price for BOTH Jazz and Sleep: Single room including linen, concert, breakfast buffet 425,- Double room (2 pers.) 770,- (if you bring your own linen and membership card it’s 100 kr. cheaper per person). (+45) 75 42 06 20 
 Tilbud på Jazz and Sleep på dansk

Ever since the first Jazz Festival in Ribe, Jens at Danhostel Ribe and Jazz´in Ribe have worked together to start the last day of the festival in an enjoyable way with jazz and brunch at the hostel.  Latest in 2009 when Jens Chr. Kwellas kvartet plaid jazz for the brunch eaters and jazz lovers. Jazz Festival in Ribe 2010 will take place 23th, 24th. and 25th of July
Homepage of Jazz’in Ribe

Here you can listen to Lone Boyd band playing at HUSET in Aalborg