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Eco-friendly hostel instead of hotel? Environmental policy at hostels and hostels

Danhostel Ribe is Eco-labeled with Green Key and mentioned among Best Green Hotels
Danhostel Ribe is Eco-labeled with Green Key and mentioned among Best Green Hotels

Danhostel Ribe congratulates The Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers for having been named the greenest hotel in the world by the travel and tourist organization Skaal International.

The more green accommodation we get in Denmark the better. And the more focus we get on sustainable accommodation the better. At Danhostel Ribe we can learn from Crowne Plaza –  can they also learn from us? Maybe there are things we just should do different because Crowne Plaza is a hotel and Danhostel Ribe a hostel?


 But if you as a tourist would prefer to:

  • get sustainable accommodation in Denmark’s oldest and best preserved town in the middle of the Wadden Sea National Park instead of in the middle of the busy city Copenhagen
  • get cheap green accommodation because you travel on a low budget
  • stay at a environmentally friendly hostel instead of a hotel
  • get accommodation on the West Coast instead of the east coast of Denmark

Well, then you have the possibility to stay at Danhostel Ribe. You can read all Danhostel Ribe’s environmental policy on this link: Environmental policy at Danhostel RibeDanhostel Ribe is Eco-labeled with Green Key and mentioned among Best Green Hotels. Danhostel Ribe cooperates with INNOTOUR  for education, research and business development in tourism. It is dedicated to innovation.


HRH Prince Joachim inaugurates the Wadden Sea National Park  Friday 16th October 2010

AND if you come to Ribe this Friday, you can participate in the inauguration of the Wadden Sea National Park just outside the hostel at 12 o’clock. The Wadden Sea National Park is Denmark’s third, biggest and wettest national park. HRH Prince Joachim will inaugurate the National Park and also Karen Ellemann, the Danish minister of Environment will be there. From 10.30am to 2.30pm it´s possible to join different activities and study local wadden sea products, enjoy Rod Sinclair quintet play the new National Park Song, watch the shepherd and his dog work, listen to the local stories about storm surges and pirates – and much more. Welcome.

Eco-labeled Danhostel Ribe, National Park, and Ribe Old town
Eco-labeled Danhostel Ribe, National Park, and Ribe Old town

Danhostel Ribe and INNOTOUR – a case of sustainable tourism best practice

INNOTOUR - innovation in tourism businesses
INNOTOUR - innovation in tourism businesses

Danhostel Ribe participates now in INNOTOUR started by University of Southern Denmark, Centre for Tourism, and Innovation and Communication (TIC) .
INNOTOUR is a web-based open platform showing examples of best practices in tourism development to create more innovation in our Wadden Sea region and it has received support from EU structural funds, the National IT and Telecom Agency under the Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, and from the University of Southern Denmark.

Danhostel Ribe – sustainable tourism best practice
We participate as an example for sustainable tourism best practice and we hope that researchers, tourism educators, students and businesses committed to furthering the development and dissemination of knowledge in the field of sustainable tourism and innovation will “visit” our case, read it and comment on it
Comments that will bring us further without big expenses and which we are able to implement at once are very welcome, but we also welcome long-sighted more difficult innovative ideas.
We accept challenges – all though we are aware they are big some of them.

As a hostel our guests expect the cheapest prices but they don’t accept much less comfort, quality and service than they can get in hotels. We just have to work more and run faster.
Our rooms are not very big , they don’t have minibar and TV – BUT we have Ribe’s most unique location, many common rooms (-also with TV), sports hall, morning buffet with higher quality and lower price than many hotels, free wireless network, guest’s own kitchen, lots of tourist information, bicycle rentals, etc.
But though we have had a green certification since 1997 not many of our guests mention this as a reason to stay at the hostel – we have a very big percentage of repeat-visitors among tourists and groups but very few mention the green initiatives instead they repeat their visit because of the atmosphere, service and unique location in Denmark’s oldest town with a panoramic view of old Ribe, the river and the Wadden Sea National Park.

We would like to point out that the challenges are big in our area. Living in the middle of the new National Park Wadden Sea and its fantastic nature adventures and furthermore in Denmark’s oldest and best preserved town, tourists will not be less in the future, when the world finds out what a beauty we have kept almost for ourselves for many years.  
If tourism is practiced with great responsibility and in harmony with the environment, Ribe and the Wadden Sea area will keep their outstanding authenticity and their rich biological and cultural diversity – in other words: it will still be the town and the nature that we – who live here – are so proud of, love  and enjoy every day.
You are welcome to comment on and discuss this – either here on this blog or on our INNOTOUR case
If you want to know more about Danhostel Ribe’s environmental consciousness, read here:
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