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How our hostel try to engage guests through the social media Facebook

Danhostel Ribe's Winter View
Danhostel Ribe's Winter View

Our hostel, Danhostel Ribe, has been using Facebook (-and this hostel blog) for more than a year now, but we still feel like newcomers. We are still learning – we are still experimenting – how can we engage our customers and potential guests in the best way through social media?

We are very thankful for so many facebook friends wanting to follow us – more than twice as many as any other Danish hostel. Therefore we have decided to thank our facebook friends by giving them an accommodation offer: ½ price accommodation  until 19th December. We can’t wait to see how many will accept this offer – and will we have newcomers?

We know we can offer them some wonderful days in Denmark’s oldest town. Our nice hostel Christmas elves are welcoming our guests and Ribe is so beautiful when the old town is decorated for Christmas.

We hope this will make us wiser. Because we still don’t know if our facebook friends want news from the hostel, from the town, from green travelling  or from a little of all? Do they want offers, photos or a little of all?

Danhostel Ribe Facebook
Danhostel Ribe Facebook

Take a look on our Facebook. How do you think we use the social media to have just as many friends as the big hotels 🙂

HOPEnhagen became NOPEnhagen – but at least Danish tourism took a big green step

green-keyThe COP15 has finished and HOPEnhagen became NOPEnhagen. The politicians have nothing to be proud of.  They know they have to act quickly to avoid the worst impacts of climate change, but they allowed themselves not to take the necessary action.
One of the first consequences of the disappointing UN climate change summit in Copenhagen is that the CO2 quotes have fallen in price. Pollution has become cheaper:

High price of disappointment
The price per metric ton of permits to spew carbon-dioxide into the atmosphere fell by $3.30 on the European Climate Exchange between the first day of the climate summit in Copenhagen and the day after its disappointing conclusion as traders reacted to… Full Article at Barre Montpelier Times-Argus

An eye-opener for Danish Tourism
When the politicians disclaim for responsibility it demands a lot from the rest of us. The climate chance summit in Copenhagen was an eye-opener for Danish Tourism. Especially in Copenhagen where the summit took place.  In December 2009 51 % (5.988) of all hotel rooms in Copenhagen were classified green with Green Key (Den Grønne Nøgle), The flower (Blomsten) or The Swan (Svanen). In 2008 it was only 8 %. (wonderfulcopenhagen.dk)

During 2009 29 hotels in Denmark were certified with Green Key – an increase in Green Key Hotels from 41 to 70. Furthermore 3 conference places (one of them the Bella Centre where the summit took place), 2 Danhostels (Family-and Youth Hostels), 6 sports halls, and 2 camp grounds got the Green Key. Only 2 hotels left the Green Key during 2009. (Green Key news)

At Danhostel Ribe we welcome all the newcomers. We look forward to even closer cooperation especially with our neighbor hostel in Esbjerg which is now also a green hostel. At Danhostel Ribe we all ready had the Green Key 13 years ago, at a time when almost nobody noticed or cared. A few years ago we were also rated among the greenest overnight accommodation at Environmentally Friendly Hotels list Best Green Hotels (More than 3000 environmentally friendly hotels, bed and breakfasts, resorts, motels, lodges, and inns listed). Of course we are proud of that, but we are still not good enough, and can get much better. Danhostel Ribe’s green profile has recently been mentioned here:
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