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Guide Michelin. Top 14 Attractions in Denmark. 3-star attractions

Michelin Guide. Restaurants and attractions.
France’s world famous Guide Michelin is probably mostly known for awarding the world’s best restaurants 1-3 stars. Guide Michelin has been rating restaurants and hotels since 1900. Most restaurants never manage to get a single star, and it’s a dream come true for every gourmet restaurant to have a Michelin star – to have 2 or 3 stars is almost impossible.
Attractions in the world also have Michelin stars and Danhostel Ribe’s view is awarded both 2 and the maximum three Michelin Stars. I’ll explain later.


Danish Michelin stared restaurants
In Denmark only restaurants in Copenhagen are awarded with Michelin stars though some of the best Danish restaurants are other places in the country. In 2011 Copenhagen’s restaurants got 11 Michelin stars and maintained its position as northern Europe’s gourmet city. But no restaurants had 3 stars. The world’s best restaurant for the second year in a row, Noma, got 2 stars as the only one in Denmark, while Geranium (also in Copenhagen), where the world’s best chef, Rasmus Kofoed, is head chef was wondering why they didn’t get any stars at all.
In the rest of Denmark we wonder why the Michelin Guides don’t include restaurants in Denmark outside Copenhagen. According to the Danish Gourmet Guide 2012 (Den Danske Spiseguide) the best restaurant in Denmark is:  Henne Kirkeby Kro.  It is placed at the West Coast, exactly 61,3 km from Danhostel Ribe.
Could Henne Kirkeby Kro get 3 Michelin stars if they had the chance? When it comes to the New Nordic kitchen you don’t get better products than those from the salt marshes in the Wadden Sea National Park. And of course you find these products at Henne Kirkeby Kro. In Michael Booth’s blog are photos of some of the dishes they serve.

Danish 3 star Michelin attractions. Maximum three stars awarded attractions in Denmark
Michelin’ green guides award attractions in the world from 1 to 3 stars.
14 Danish attractions have 3 stars.
Attractions in the world with 3 stars you might know:  Tower of London, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Empire State Building in New York, the Sphinx of Giza in Egypt, Pompei in Italy, etc.
But we are so lucky, that our view (see the photo) gets both 2 and 3 stars, since Ribe town (Ribe by) gets 2 stars and Ribe Cathedral (Ribe Domkirke) 3 stars.
It’s possible to have the best view of both Ribe Cathedral (Ribe Domkirke) and Ribe old town  for Danish hostel prices at Danhostel Ribe.

A wintertime view from Danhostel Ribe (Ribe Cathedral, 3 stars in Guide Michelin ), Wintertime in Ribe town (Ribe town 2 stars in Guide Michelin)
A wintertime view from Danhostel Ribe (Ribe Cathedral, 3 stars in Guide Michelin ), Wintertime in Ribe town (Ribe town 2 stars in Guide Michelin)

The only other one with 3 stars in the peninsula Jutland is the Open Air Museum in Aarhus: Den Gamle By – “The Old Town” (see the photo).
In Funen the quarter around H. C. Andersens house has 3 stars, the last 3 starred attractions in Denmark are in Copenhagen and Sealand:  Copenhagen City, Nyhavn Port (photo), the National Fine Arts Museum, the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, the National Museum, Rosenborg Castle, the Museum of Art Louisiana, Frederiksborg Castle, Kronborg – Elsinore Castle, Roskilde Cathedral, Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde
The highest awarded cities in Denmark are:  Aarhus, Roskilde and Ribe – 2 stars and Copenhagen 3 stars


What do the Michelin Stars mean?
1 star for attractions the Green Guide finds interesting
2 stars for attractions the Green Guide finds worth a detour
3 stars for attractions the Green Guide finds exceptional and worth a special journey


Confused? Did you hear about placed with 4 or 5 stars?
1-3 Michelin Stars are awarded for the quality of the food and not for the luxury of the place.
1-5 Michelin “forks and knives” are awarded for the luxury of the place, five being a “Luxurious restaurant”.
1-5 In many countries hotels five being “Luxurious restaurant”. Danish hotels are rated 1-5.
1-5 Danish Family- and Youth Hostels called Danhostels have their own rating system from 1 to 5:
Danhostel Ribe has 4 stars.

Nyhavn Copenhagen. Guide Michelin 3 stars
Nyhavn Copenhagen. Guide Michelin 3 stars
The old town in Aarhus - Den gamle by i Århus. 3 Michelin Stars
The old town in Aarhus - Den gamle by i Århus. 3 Michelin Stars

New Scandinavian Cooking and Claus Meyer in Ribe, Denmark 2010

TV Chef Claus Meyer visited Ribe and the Wadden Sea as the only destination in Denmark in the television series New Scandinavian Cooking.  New Scandinavian Cooking is a cooking series but at the same time a travelling series, so you can look forward to both delicious food and beautiful filming. (Other names for the same: Perfect Day – Smag på Norden – Smag på Danmark)

Danhostel Ribe had the pleasure of Claus Meyer and his crew staying at the hostel for several days
while they were filming this program in Ribe and the Wadden Sea. Some of the program was filmed on the meadow just outside the hostel with Ribe Cathedral and the River as background. In this trailer you can see the view from the hostel (06:59-7:01), and on the film photo over this text you can see Claus Meyer on Ribe River – with the Cathedral on the right side  (06:37- 06:59) (the hostel is situated on the left side of the river)

The last programs in the Scandinavian Cooking program were shown in more than 60 countries all over the world.
Probably these new programs with world premiere in 2010 will be shown in even more countries, because Nordic food has been even more popular since in 2010 the Danish gourmet restaurant NOMA with the chef René Redzepi and 2 Michelin stars  – and chef Claus Meyer as one of the co-owners – won the unofficial “world championship” for restaurants “the San Pellegrino Awards”. It is the first time a Danish restaurant wins the price in the magazine ahead of restaurants as Spain’s El Bulli and Britain’s The Fat Duck. To help elect the best restaurant in the world were 806 chefs, gastronomers and food reviewers.
The other chefs in the cooking series are Andreas Viestad, one of Norway’s most famous TV-chefs and a respected food writer and Tina Nordstrom, who is by far Sweden’s most celebrated TV-chef.
We hope you will enjoy the trailer – though it is in Danish – but if we find it in English we will let you know. And if YOU find out before us please let us know

If you don’t know: NOMA means Nordisk Mad (Nordic food)
Enjoy this new  film from  NOMA, the world’s best restaurant 2010 (this one is in English…) – and read about the Food Snob’s visits at NOMA