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New architecture in old town. Ribe, Denmark

How new architecture fits into Ribe, Scandinavia’s oldest town

In terms of historical sights, Ribe is a town without compare in Denmark. It is Denmark’s, and Scandinavia’s, oldest town and every corner oozes history. Ribe has the largest number of preserved buildings in Denmark outside Copenhagen, but in Ribe you can walk to them all, while in Copenhagen they are spread over a much larger area. You’ll find about 120 preserved buildings in Ribe.

Ribe, Denmark. This is the view of Ribe old town from the hostel, Danhostel Ribe
Ribe’s old town, from the hostel, Danhostel Ribe

Walk from our hostel, Danhostel Ribe, right into the heart of Ribe and visit all the best sights: A self-guided old town walk

Ribe Art Museum, Denmark
Ribe Art Museum (left in the photo) reopened 2010 after a major repair and renovation project

Urban renewal in Ribe

Although Ribe is old, development hasn’t stalled. Urban renewal is ongoing, fitting respectfully into the old city, while differing in both design and materials.
Here are a few examples from the past year.

Ribe Cathedral Square, Denmark
Ribe Cathedral Square, Denmark

Ribe Cathedral Square

Where Ribe Cathedral was formerly in a hollow following centuries of accumulation of surrounding deposits (the cultural layers), you will now find the paving sloping down.
The renovation of Ribe Cathedral Square, designed by the Danish Schonherr Landscape Architects (Schønherr),  rewarded the citizens with a lovely square for events all year round and for hanging out in cafes and restaurants during summertime. The town square is now a beautiful and functioning public space with the Cathedral as a natural centre.
The renovation also improved vehicular and pedestrian movement and appearance, though  the outcome has proved controversial and started a debate about the proper balance between the rights of the vehicles and pedestrians.

Kannikegaarden in Ribe, Denmark
Kannikegaarden in Ribe, Denmark

Kannikegården – The Canon Monastery

Kannikegården is a building of visionary new architecture on the town square opposite Ribe Cathedral. It is designed by the Danish architects Lundgaard and Tranberg. It belongs to Ribe parish’s parochial church council and houses the parochial church council and the staff at Ribe Cathedral. The building is raised above Denmark’s first Christian cemetery, dating back to the Mid-800s, when the German Apostle Ansgar – known as the “Apostle of the North” – was permitted by King Horik of Denmark to built the first Danish Christian church  in Ribe.  Nobody knew if and where this church was built in Ribe, until the former building at this place burned down and archaeologists were allowed funds to  excavate the area. Here they found  the cemetery with these early Christian-Viking graves.
Outside Ribe Cathedral facing Kannikegården is placed a new and modern statue of Ansgar, the “Apostle of the North”.

Outside Ribe Cathedral is a statue of Ansgar, the “Apostle of the North” facing Kannikegården
Outside Ribe Cathedral is a statue of Ansgar, the “Apostle of the North” facing Kannikegården

A later canon’s monastery dating back to the mid-1100s was found in the same excavation and gave the building its name, Kannikegården. Some of the excavation has been preserved , so you can have a look through the building’s perimeter glass facades and see walls from the canon monastery’s dining room. In this way these ancient walls are integrated into the new building, telling a very important part of ancient Danish history to the public.

Kannikegaarden, Ribe, Denmark
Kannikegaarden. Lecture room

If you want to know more about Ribe Cathedral, the town square and the statue of Angar, the “Apostle of the North”: Ribe Cathedral.
If you want to know more about the Christian Viking graves: Vikings

Ansgar, the “Apostle of the North”
Ansgar, the “Apostle of the North” . Ribe, Denmark

 Chilling by the river

Chilling by the Ribe River, Denmark
Chilling by the Ribe River, Denmark

A new wooden terrace by Ribe River only a few steps from the hostel was inaugurated a month ago. The terrace is the result of an exemplary collaboration between citizens of Ribe town and Esbjerg municipality. It is a great place for chilling out with a glass of wine or an ice cream cone while enjoying the view of Ribe River, the old town or the sunset over Ribe and the Wadden Sea National Park.
Both Ribe citizens and guests of Ribe have immediately  taken the terrace into their hearts.

Ribe River and the new wooden terrace
Ribe River, the new wooden terrace and the bridge over the river to the hostel

Do you want to know more about Ribe ?

Useful links:

Moped at Ribe Cathedral Square
Moped at Ribe Cathedral Square

Book a room at the hostel in Ribe

You don’t even have to leave your room to enjoy the beauty of Ribe’s skyline – the most photographed view in town.

Book Online at Danhostel Ribe in Denmark
Book Online at Danhostel Ribe in Denmark. Click the photo, read more about accommodation at Danhostel Ribe hostel, and book your room online.


Nationalpark Vadehavet. Plan 2013-2018 til debat på Danhostel Ribe

Fremtidsplaner for Nationalpark Vadehavet skal diskuteres i de 4 Vadehavskommuner

400 forslag og tiltag har dannet baggrund for Nationalparksplan Vadehavet for 2013-2018.
Planen skal nu i offentlig høring frem til den 30. juni 2012.
Der vil blive blive afholdt offentlige høringsmøder i de fire Vadehavskommuner.



Tidspunkterne for møderne omkring Nationalparkplanen er:

Tønder Kommune: 19. april kl. 19-21 i Ecco-centret
Esbjerg Kommune: 26. april kl. 19-21 på Danhostel Ribe
Fanø Kommune: 8. maj kl. 19-21 på Nordby Skole
Varde Kommune: 10. maj kl. 19-21 på Eventyrgården i Janderup

Nationalparkens formand Bent Poulsen siger om Nationalparkplan Vadehavet 2013-2018:
”Jeg er utrolig glad og stolt over det resultat, som vi er nået frem til, og jeg glæder mig til den forestående debat om indholdet i planen”, sagde Bent Poulsen og fortsatte: ”Det er en enig bestyrelse, der står bag udkastet, som er den foreløbige kulmination på en god proces, hvor Nationalparkrådet, borgere, institutioner og myndigheder har bidraget med forslag og idéer i stort tal”.


Vi glæder os til et stort fremmøde og en spændende diskussion på Danhostel Ribe

Her kan du læse hele Nationalparkplan Vadehavet og danne din egen mening:




The 2013-2018 National Park Plan for the Danish Wadden Sea  is now published
Future plans for the Wadden Sea National Park to be discussed at Danhostel Ribe 26th April. Have your say on the future of the Wadden Sea National Park

400 proposals and actions have formed the basis for the Wadden Sea National Park Plan for 2013-2018
The plan is now submitted to the public, and during the next weeks, it will be discussed at meetings in the four municipalities of the Wadden Sea.

Join the discussions at these places and times:
Tonder Municipality: 19th April 19-21pm. of Ecco Centre
Esbjerg Municipality: 26 april 19-21pm. at Danhostel Ribe
Fano Municipality: 8th May 19-21pm. at Nordby School
Varde Municipality: 10th May 19-21pm. at the Adventure Farm in Janderup

The President of the Wadden Sea National Park Bent Poulsen says of the National Park Plan 2013-2018:
“I am extremely pleased and proud of the result we have reached and I am looking forward to the upcoming debate on the content of the plan,” and he continues: “You find an unanimous Wadden Sea board behind the National Park Plan. The plan is the culmination of a good process in which the Wadden Sea National Park Council, citizens, institutions and authorities all have helped with many suggestions and ideas.”

Danhostel Ribe strives for a greener community

This article was published for all Hi Hostel owners and staff in the world and brought in a shorter version on HI News on Hi Hostel‘s homepage and mentioned on HI-Sustainability (HI Hostel’s green Facebook) – we think you should also have the possibility to read all of it :

Danhostel Ribe in Denmark is working with its neighbours and the surrounding community on a proposed solar energy project, ‘RIBE SOL’. If the project is approved by parliament, it will significantly reduce their CO2 emissions and be much more cost-effective in the long term, helping their town become greener.

The hostel is already certified with the Green Key label and is working on the ‘RIBE SOL’ project with its neighbour, Rio (Ribe Jernindustri), which is a huge factory that produces radiators. Both the hostel and Rio have land in the Wadden Sea National Park nearby and it’s great to see a manufacturing company and a hostel working together to help make the town greener.

Danhostel Ribe, RIO (Ribe Jernindustri) and part of the Wadden Sea National Park seen from top of the Cathedral
Danhostel Ribe, RIO (Ribe Jernindustri) and part of the Wadden Sea National Park seen from top of the Cathedral

Recently a small delegation went to the Danish parliament to have a meeting with its Energy Committee about the proposed project. The meeting had been suggested by one of the 2 local members of parliament, who fully support the project.

The ‘RIBE SOL’ project has received some great publicity so far to help the cause. Michael Boel, the Director of Rio, was interviewed by the town’s biggest local radio station following the meeting and the project was also mentioned on other radio stations too.

Here are some facts about the project: 

  • Size: 28000 m2 of the roof on Rio 
  • 10000 m2 solar panels (5000 m2 solar collectors for heating and 5000 m2 solar cells for electricity) 
  • Investment: 30.000.000 d.kr. (3.529.478,22 £) 

If the project does go ahead, it will produce 55% of the heat and 20% of the electricity for Rio and Danhostel Ribe, reducing their CO2 emissions by 870 tonnes every year. This is the equivalent of 360 cars (Ford Ka) driving 20,000 km a year or a car going around the earth 180 times! Ribe seen from the road around town. On the left Danhostel Ribe and Rio

Aalborg University in Esbjerg is also involved in the project. Their aim is to create a big research programme to collect more information on solar energy, which will in turn help the development of solar technology. This is important research, which will help gain further knowledge on the amount of PV solar cells used for bigger industries.

‘RIBE SOL’ is a unique project, which would significantly help the development of green energy. If you have any questions about it, please contact the Danhostel Ribe Hostel Manager, Jens Philipsen at ribe@danhostel.dk.

Earth Hour 2011 at Danhostel Ribe in Denmark

earth_hour_2011_ribeFor the 4th year in a row Danhostel Ribe turns out the lights on Earth Hour the 26th of March from 8.30pm-9.30pm.
Also the streets in Ribe, the oldest town In Denmark will be dark.
Earth Hour is the world’s largest  environmental event.
This year we will serve free coffee, tea and homemade cookies at Danhostel Ribe. The tea is our new “Danhostel Ribe’s Green Tea” made especially for the hostel in 2011 by the famous Danish tea house “Carstensens Tehandel” in Aabenraa.  The coffee will be organic and traceable from the farmer to your cup.
As an EnergyMetropolis – Municipality of Esbjerg will off course also take part in Earth Hour. 65% of all wind mills produced in Denmark is shipped out of the harbour in Esbjerg. On Earth Hour the Municipality turns out the lights in Ribe town from 8.30pm-9.30pm.
Both guests and locals are welcome to visit us and you can enjoy your tea or coffee in candle light – you can also have a chat with us about the hostel’s eco label “Green Key” and how we work to make sustainable tourism a part of our hostel.
 At the hostel a big part of our energy comes from Ribe biogas plant, which received liquid manure from farmers in the area of production and from the remains from the wood production at Ribe stamping mill that produce pallets. We are working on an even better solution.
The terrible nuclear catastrophe in Japan reminds us, that nuclear is not the way to solve the threat of global warming. Other solutions must be used.

At the hostel we are aware that we are probably not reducing CO2 emissions by taking part in this action and that we don’t save the earth by turning out the lights for one hour, but we think it is a nice way  to raise awareness about climate change together with people all around the world. In Denmark Earth Hour is arranged by WWF Denmark (World Wildlife Fund )


For 4. år i træk deltager Danhostel Ribe i Earth Hour (Sluk lyset Danmark) arrangeret i Danmark af WWF (Verdensnaturfonden) I år er det d. 26. marts kl. 20.30 til 21.30. Esbjerg by slukker samtidig lyset i Ribe by. På vandrehjemmet serverer vi gratis te, kaffe og hjemmebagte småkager for både lokale og vandrerhjemmets gæster i stearinlysets skær. Teen er vores nye grønne ”Danhostel Ribe te”, netop udviklet af “Carstensens Tehandel” i Aabenraa og kaffen er økologisk Good Origin Coffee (sporbar fra bonde til kop) og kan til daglig trækkes i vores kaffeautomat for en 10’er.
Har man lyst til en snak om Danhostel Ribes miljømærkning ”Green Key” og hvordan vi arbejder med miljøet, så er vi samtidig klar til at fortælle og diskutere, hvordan vi gør vores vandrehjem grønnere hele tiden.
Den forfærdelige atomkraft ulykke i Japan minder os om, at atomkraft ikke er vejen til at løse den globale opvarmning. Andre løsninger må bruges.
Vi er klar over at denne aktion med at slukke lyset en time og tænde stearinlysene i stedet formodentlig ikke reducerer CO² udledningerne, men vi synes det er en god måde at minde hinanden om at vi alle bør arbejde videre med dette problem
www.facebook.com/earthhourdk kan du se hvilke kommuner og firmaer, der deltager i Earth Hour i Danmark 2011. Vi har naturligvis også omtalt eventen på Danhostel Ribes facebook

Earth Hour 2010 brings us back to Ribe’s medieval roots: a bishop killed by wild Vikings, witches burned,

Ribe's night watch man ready for historical walk on Earth Hour 2010
Ribe's night watch man ready for historical walk from Danhostel Ribe, Earth Hour 2010

captured beheaded pirates, the death story of Denmark’s beloved queen Dagmar, fatal floods, and fires. Not imagination but a journey through the fantastic and true history of Ribe, Denmark’s and Scandinavia’s oldest town, that this year celebrates its 1300 anniversary.

At 8.30pm. on the 27th March when Ribe’s street lamps are turned off because of Earth Hour 2010, we invite you to meet us outside the dark hostel, Danhostel Ribe. From here Ribe’s night watch men will guide us safely with their lanterns and spiked maces as protection through Ribe town.
Ribe’s medieval night town watchmen had several duties like to prevent carelessness with fire, lookout for floods, follow drunken Ribe citizens home to bed, and separate street fighters. Every hour they would sing a verse of the watchman’s tune to mark the hours and keep themselves awake, but on the 27th March they will just guide us and tell us some of the fantastic 1300 year history of Ribe.

Nowadays Ribe’s watch men can be followed on their route through the old, winding and cobblestoned streets of Ribe every evening from 1st of May until 15th of September, but Ribe’s hostel (Danhostel Ribe), and Gammelt Præg (Ribe  Town Preservation Organization), think this is a great way to mark Ribe’s 1300 year anniversary and Earth Hour, since also Esbjerg municipality has decided  to raise awareness about climate change, and therefore has decided to turn out the street lights in  Ribe this hour, which will give the historical town walk its finishing touch.
Everyone is welcome and it is free of charge. If you want to sleep at the hostel of course we have a very good offer for this evening and the rest of the Easter holidays. Look Here:

Earth Hour and Easter offer at Danhostel Ribe

P.S. also the sunset will be “dark” in Ribe – since we have the most beautiful “Black Sun” at the time (migration starlings dancing air ballet in the sunset), and it is possible to go on tour with the rangers from Vadehavscentret before you go with the night watchmen.

Earth Hour is a global event organized by the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) to raise awareness about threat of global warming.
Danhostel Ribe has for many years been labeled as an eco-friendly hostel and worked with sustainable tourism in many ways. At the hostel we are aware that we are probably not reducing CO2 emissions by taking part in this action and that we don’t save the earth by turning out the lights for one hour, but we think it is a nice way  to raise awareness about climate change together with people all around the world.

WWF Denmark (World Wildlife Fund – Verdensnaturfonden i Danmark) and TrygFonden recommends the event in Ribe on this link and in news mails, and press releases. You can also register your own climate event on Earth Hour evening if you follow the link.
If you don’t visit us or join or arrange an event in your own town – we hope you will remember to turn out the light yourself in your home.

Earth Hour 2010
Earth Hour started in Australia in 2007. More than 2.2 million people in Sydney turned off the light. All ready in 2008 Earth Hour became global and 370 towns in 35 countries turned off the light and made it the biggest climate campaign ever. Danhostel Ribe and Esbjerg municipality have participated since 2008.

Here you can see a short documentary on Earth Hour from 2007 up to 2010:

Find out more about Earth Hour, sign up, etc : Panda.org

Danhostel Ribe on INNOTOUR

JAZZ and SLEEP at Danhostel Ribe 13th March 2010

Jazz and Sleep at Danhostel Ribe
Jazz and Sleep at Danhostel Ribe

The spring flowers have started to come out in our garden and here is a very good offer to warm you up.
Jazzin’Ribe arranges Jazz concert at Danhostel Ribe the 13th at 8pm.  The concert is with the bands:

Trio Bryla Schmidt Thomsen from Vestjysk musikkonservatorium in Esbjerg and
Lone Boyd Band, featuring Uffe Steen.

Price for concert: 100,- kr, members 80,- and students: 50,- kr

Price for BOTH Jazz and Sleep: Single room including linen, concert, breakfast buffet 425,- Double room (2 pers.) 770,- (if you bring your own linen and membership card it’s 100 kr. cheaper per person). (+45) 75 42 06 20 
 Tilbud på Jazz and Sleep på dansk

Ever since the first Jazz Festival in Ribe, Jens at Danhostel Ribe and Jazz´in Ribe have worked together to start the last day of the festival in an enjoyable way with jazz and brunch at the hostel.  Latest in 2009 when Jens Chr. Kwellas kvartet plaid jazz for the brunch eaters and jazz lovers. Jazz Festival in Ribe 2010 will take place 23th, 24th. and 25th of July
Homepage of Jazz’in Ribe

Here you can listen to Lone Boyd band playing at HUSET in Aalborg