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Watch Denmark’s best rock climbers win DM 2010, Ribehallen, Danhostel Ribe, Denmark

Men: Emil Yoda Jespersen from PLØKS Skovlunde Klatreklub (PLØKS Skovlunde Climbing Club).
Emil Yoda Jespersen is the winner for senior men in rock climbing 2010.

On this video you can see him win the Danish Championship (DM) in indoor rock climbing in Danhostel Ribe’s sports hall Ribehallen.
It was great to see all the brilliant climbers.  This was the first time the Danish Championship took place in Southwest Jutland – but hopefully it will be back again, now that we have finally got one of the best walls in Denmark.

Ribe Klatreklub (Ribe Climbing Club) did an excellent job both before and during the Championship and we only met satisfied climbers and visitors.
Rikke Kristensen from Ribe Klatreklub took a lot of good pictures, some of them you can see on our facebook – some of them are placed in the start and the end of this video and later you will also see them in magazines  and books about rock climbing


Women: Mette Thomsen, Københavns Klatreklub, winner rock climbing senior women 2010

Ribe’s first DM Danish Championship in rock climbing in the hostel’s sports hall

Yesterday we had our first DM in our sports hall
That was possible because we have built one of the best climbing walls in Denmark in Ribehallen, our sports hall at Danhostel Ribe.
It was the Danish Championship in rock climbing for both senior women and men arranged by Ribe Klatreklub (Ribe Climbing Club).
It was the first time the Danish Championship took place in Southwest Jutland.

The route was built by Christian Bindhammer from Germany
He is an experienced rock climber and has won several German and international prices – like the German Championship Frankenthal  2007 (Deutsche Meisterschaft Frankenthal 2007) and a second place in Rock Climbing World Cup in Valence, France (Weltcup Valence 2004).
We understand why he won these prices, because after the chairman of the Ribe climbers, Allan Beck, and the vice mayor of Esbjerg municipality, Jakob Lose, had opened  the Danish Championship, Christian Bindhammer climbed the route he built, to show how  it CAN be done  Spider-Man-style.
While he was climbing you could watch how the Danish climbers prepared themselves mentally and physically by studying his route and moves doing the same movements with their arms and legs while standing on the sports hall’s floor.

Denmark’s best rock climbers 2010 are:

Senior women:
1. Mette Thomsen, Københavns Klatreklub. See  Mette Thomsen win on the documentary from DM 2010 here
2. Michelle Kim Theisen, Pløks, Skovlunde Klatreklub
3. Karin Wied Thomsen, Københavns Klatreklub
4. Pernille Winsløv Wied, Københavns Klatreklub

Senior men:
1. Emil Jespersen, Pløks, Skovlunde Klatreklub. See Emil Jespersen win on the the documentary from DM 2010 here
2. Christian Wied, Københavns Klatreklub
3. Johannes Madsen, Københavns Klatreklub
4. Steen Christensen, Ribe Klatreklub


I also got almost to the top, but it was with help from a lift and Rikke, a climber from Ribe Klatreklub. From the lift I made my first movie ever and now it is showed on Danhostel Ribe’s facebook, on You Tube, and now here on our blog. This documentary film is from the qualifying round of senior women with a few photos from climbers, speakers, and spectators in the sports hall.

Here are links to Ribe Klatreklub and DM i ruteklatring 2010