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Is this a hostel breakfast?

Yes, this is the breakfast buffet at Danhostel Ribe, Denmark. This little video takes you around the table. OK you might miss some unhealthy hot sausages or bacon, but instead you get quality products as air dried ham, homemade bread, the hostel’s famous homemade muesli, freshly baked breakfast rolls picked up every day from Ribe’s best bakery (I know that because the locals queue up every weekend morning – and they DON’T do it because the rolls are cheap), several cheeses to choose among, yoghurt, fresh fruit, etc. In summer time you can even eat the famous Danish Pickled Herring. This hostel is eco-labeled and don’t worry you can eat and drink as much as you want for only 65,- d.kr (half price for children with parents). SO can you live without hot sausages, beans and bacon, don’t miss the breakfast buffet at the hostel.

New Scandinavian Cooking and Claus Meyer in Ribe, Denmark 2010

TV Chef Claus Meyer visited Ribe and the Wadden Sea as the only destination in Denmark in the television series New Scandinavian Cooking.  New Scandinavian Cooking is a cooking series but at the same time a travelling series, so you can look forward to both delicious food and beautiful filming. (Other names for the same: Perfect Day – Smag på Norden – Smag på Danmark)

Danhostel Ribe had the pleasure of Claus Meyer and his crew staying at the hostel for several days
while they were filming this program in Ribe and the Wadden Sea. Some of the program was filmed on the meadow just outside the hostel with Ribe Cathedral and the River as background. In this trailer you can see the view from the hostel (06:59-7:01), and on the film photo over this text you can see Claus Meyer on Ribe River – with the Cathedral on the right side  (06:37- 06:59) (the hostel is situated on the left side of the river)

The last programs in the Scandinavian Cooking program were shown in more than 60 countries all over the world.
Probably these new programs with world premiere in 2010 will be shown in even more countries, because Nordic food has been even more popular since in 2010 the Danish gourmet restaurant NOMA with the chef René Redzepi and 2 Michelin stars  – and chef Claus Meyer as one of the co-owners – won the unofficial “world championship” for restaurants “the San Pellegrino Awards”. It is the first time a Danish restaurant wins the price in the magazine ahead of restaurants as Spain’s El Bulli and Britain’s The Fat Duck. To help elect the best restaurant in the world were 806 chefs, gastronomers and food reviewers.
The other chefs in the cooking series are Andreas Viestad, one of Norway’s most famous TV-chefs and a respected food writer and Tina Nordstrom, who is by far Sweden’s most celebrated TV-chef.
We hope you will enjoy the trailer – though it is in Danish – but if we find it in English we will let you know. And if YOU find out before us please let us know

If you don’t know: NOMA means Nordisk Mad (Nordic food)
Enjoy this new  film from  NOMA, the world’s best restaurant 2010 (this one is in English…) – and read about the Food Snob’s visits at NOMA 

How we made local photos serve as appetizers for tourists in Ribe and in the new National Park

turismens-dagAt Danhostel Ribe we have decided to “take the town and the National Park” into the hostel by decorating our walls with more than 50 large photos on canvas. All the photos are from Ribe town and the Wadden Sea National Park.
This decision was one of the best we have made to make the house inviting and we have noticed that the photos cheer up both guests at our hostel, ourselves, and also the many local people who visit the hostel. 
The photos show citizens, nature, details in the old town, and all the motives are captured with great love to the area and its inhabitants. Some are also captured with a wink in the eye.
In that way we made Ribe and the Wadden Sea National Park come into the hostel – but we also opened the door to the surroundings in the way that people wanted to see more and experience and find the beautiful, funny, different places and persons “caught” with the camera

29th of May. Guided tour in the Photo Exhibition “My Ribe and Wadden Sea” by Gudrun Rishede

29th of May we – and many others in Ribe and Denmark – focus on “Tourism Day”. We do it by giving a free guided tour in the Photo Exhibition from 11am to 12am.
At the same time it will be possible to see the facilities of the hostel, rooms, common facilities, sports hall and conference facilities – or discuss our work with sustainable tourism. See also the invitation on our facebook 
The photos are all photographed by me, Gudrun Rishede – one of the writers on this blog and married to the manager of Danhostel Ribe, Jens Philipsen. I have photographed since I was child, and have through the years sold photos to among others: Danish Tourist Board, Ribe Tourist Board, Norden – Nordic Council of Ministers, Pilotprojekt Nationalpark Vadehavet and Ribe Viking Centre.
I have also made postcards from the local area, Vadehavskort (Wadden Sea Post Cards), which are sold from the hostel, Ribe Tourist board, Ribe Viking Museum and a few other places in the Wadden Sea area. I have also been honoured to be artist of the month in Ribe Art Club a couple of years ago and have one of my photos shown at Ribe Art Museum the winter 2009/10.

Watch Denmark’s best rock climbers win DM 2010, Ribehallen, Danhostel Ribe, Denmark

Men: Emil Yoda Jespersen from PLØKS Skovlunde Klatreklub (PLØKS Skovlunde Climbing Club).
Emil Yoda Jespersen is the winner for senior men in rock climbing 2010.

On this video you can see him win the Danish Championship (DM) in indoor rock climbing in Danhostel Ribe’s sports hall Ribehallen.
It was great to see all the brilliant climbers.  This was the first time the Danish Championship took place in Southwest Jutland – but hopefully it will be back again, now that we have finally got one of the best walls in Denmark.

Ribe Klatreklub (Ribe Climbing Club) did an excellent job both before and during the Championship and we only met satisfied climbers and visitors.
Rikke Kristensen from Ribe Klatreklub took a lot of good pictures, some of them you can see on our facebook – some of them are placed in the start and the end of this video and later you will also see them in magazines  and books about rock climbing


Women: Mette Thomsen, Københavns Klatreklub, winner rock climbing senior women 2010

Explosion of water, colours and music performed by fire men from Güstrow and Visselhövede

Water organ show at the river outside Danhostel Ribe
Water organ show at the river outside Danhostel Ribe

Water organ show at the river outside the hostel
A beautiful and very special sight could be seen at the river outside the hostel’s windows the 2nd and third April. It was a gift from the fire brigade in Güstrow, Ribe’s twin town in Germany. Together with the fire brigade of Visselhövede they have given Ribe a fantastic water organ show for birthday present because of Ribe’s 1300 year anniversary. It was an explosion of water, colours and music and the height of the fountain followed the music. The show was performed by fire men craftsmen (not computers). The water organ was placed on the hostel’s side of the river and pumped 1000 liters of water from the river per minute for the show…an alternative occupation for fire men, when they are not putting out fires.
Hundreds of Ribe citizens and tourists came to see the beautiful show, and at Danhostel Ribe we have been very safe these Eastern days because the hostel has been swarming with fire men.
Ribe’s fire brigade has also showed the development of Ribe fire brigade the last 120 years in a procession though Ribe and it has been possible to visit them at the fire station and on the meadow outside the hostel.

Here you can enjoy the show broadcasted by Danish Television TVSyd

And here you can see one of Ribe fire brigade’s old beautiful vehicles

Ribe fire brigade
Ribe fire brigade

Earth Hour 2010 brings us back to Ribe’s medieval roots: a bishop killed by wild Vikings, witches burned,

Ribe's night watch man ready for historical walk on Earth Hour 2010
Ribe's night watch man ready for historical walk from Danhostel Ribe, Earth Hour 2010

captured beheaded pirates, the death story of Denmark’s beloved queen Dagmar, fatal floods, and fires. Not imagination but a journey through the fantastic and true history of Ribe, Denmark’s and Scandinavia’s oldest town, that this year celebrates its 1300 anniversary.

At 8.30pm. on the 27th March when Ribe’s street lamps are turned off because of Earth Hour 2010, we invite you to meet us outside the dark hostel, Danhostel Ribe. From here Ribe’s night watch men will guide us safely with their lanterns and spiked maces as protection through Ribe town.
Ribe’s medieval night town watchmen had several duties like to prevent carelessness with fire, lookout for floods, follow drunken Ribe citizens home to bed, and separate street fighters. Every hour they would sing a verse of the watchman’s tune to mark the hours and keep themselves awake, but on the 27th March they will just guide us and tell us some of the fantastic 1300 year history of Ribe.

Nowadays Ribe’s watch men can be followed on their route through the old, winding and cobblestoned streets of Ribe every evening from 1st of May until 15th of September, but Ribe’s hostel (Danhostel Ribe), and Gammelt Præg (Ribe  Town Preservation Organization), think this is a great way to mark Ribe’s 1300 year anniversary and Earth Hour, since also Esbjerg municipality has decided  to raise awareness about climate change, and therefore has decided to turn out the street lights in  Ribe this hour, which will give the historical town walk its finishing touch.
Everyone is welcome and it is free of charge. If you want to sleep at the hostel of course we have a very good offer for this evening and the rest of the Easter holidays. Look Here:

Earth Hour and Easter offer at Danhostel Ribe

P.S. also the sunset will be “dark” in Ribe – since we have the most beautiful “Black Sun” at the time (migration starlings dancing air ballet in the sunset), and it is possible to go on tour with the rangers from Vadehavscentret before you go with the night watchmen.

Earth Hour is a global event organized by the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) to raise awareness about threat of global warming.
Danhostel Ribe has for many years been labeled as an eco-friendly hostel and worked with sustainable tourism in many ways. At the hostel we are aware that we are probably not reducing CO2 emissions by taking part in this action and that we don’t save the earth by turning out the lights for one hour, but we think it is a nice way  to raise awareness about climate change together with people all around the world.

WWF Denmark (World Wildlife Fund – Verdensnaturfonden i Danmark) and TrygFonden recommends the event in Ribe on this link and in news mails, and press releases. You can also register your own climate event on Earth Hour evening if you follow the link.
If you don’t visit us or join or arrange an event in your own town – we hope you will remember to turn out the light yourself in your home.

Earth Hour 2010
Earth Hour started in Australia in 2007. More than 2.2 million people in Sydney turned off the light. All ready in 2008 Earth Hour became global and 370 towns in 35 countries turned off the light and made it the biggest climate campaign ever. Danhostel Ribe and Esbjerg municipality have participated since 2008.

Here you can see a short documentary on Earth Hour from 2007 up to 2010:

Find out more about Earth Hour, sign up, etc : Panda.org

Danhostel Ribe on INNOTOUR

JAZZ and SLEEP at Danhostel Ribe 13th March 2010

Jazz and Sleep at Danhostel Ribe
Jazz and Sleep at Danhostel Ribe

The spring flowers have started to come out in our garden and here is a very good offer to warm you up.
Jazzin’Ribe arranges Jazz concert at Danhostel Ribe the 13th at 8pm.  The concert is with the bands:

Trio Bryla Schmidt Thomsen from Vestjysk musikkonservatorium in Esbjerg and
Lone Boyd Band, featuring Uffe Steen.

Price for concert: 100,- kr, members 80,- and students: 50,- kr

Price for BOTH Jazz and Sleep: Single room including linen, concert, breakfast buffet 425,- Double room (2 pers.) 770,- (if you bring your own linen and membership card it’s 100 kr. cheaper per person). (+45) 75 42 06 20 
 Tilbud på Jazz and Sleep på dansk

Ever since the first Jazz Festival in Ribe, Jens at Danhostel Ribe and Jazz´in Ribe have worked together to start the last day of the festival in an enjoyable way with jazz and brunch at the hostel.  Latest in 2009 when Jens Chr. Kwellas kvartet plaid jazz for the brunch eaters and jazz lovers. Jazz Festival in Ribe 2010 will take place 23th, 24th. and 25th of July
Homepage of Jazz’in Ribe

Here you can listen to Lone Boyd band playing at HUSET in Aalborg


1300 jubilee tapestry made by the Ribe Quilters revealed at Danhostel Ribe

Ribe 1300 years’ jubilee tapestry
Ribe 1300 years’ jubilee tapestry

Yesterday the hostel and the Ribe Quilters revealed the Ribe 1300 years’ jubilee tapestry. More than 350 hours have the skilled Ribe Quilters worked to produce the tapestry and now they hand it over to Ribe town as a gift. The tapestry can be seen in Danhostel Ribe´s reception area all 2010. We hope a lot of you will drop in to enjoy the beautiful work the quilters have made by small pieces of cloth and needlework

The motives on the tapestry are all from Ribe, e. g. Ribe Cathedral, the Night Watchman of Ribe, the stork in its nest on the old city hall, Sct. Catharinæ Church and Monestry, Queen Dagmar on Slotsbanken, the flood post and Maren Spliids house. In the middle of it all is the logo of Ribe’s 1300 year anniversary.

Henrik Ravn, one of Ribe’s Night Watchmen, and Knud Jager Andersen from Esbjerg town council reveiled the tapestry and speeches were made by Knud Jager Andersen, Jens Philipsen from the hostel and Karin Berthelsen from The Ribe Quilters.
The tapestry can be seen in Danhostel Ribe´s reception area all 2010. We hope a lot of you will drop in to enjoy the beautiful work the quilters have made with small pieces of cloth and thread.


Knud Jager Andersen reveals the Ribe Tapestry at Danhostel Ribe
Knud Jager Andersen reveals the Ribe Tapestry at Danhostel Ribe

The Ribe Quilters is a group of 60 girls – aged 25 to 80 – who share a common interest in patchwork and quilting. 18 of the girls have participated in quilting this carpet. The 1300 jubilee steering committee has granted 7000 d.kr. for the project, Diana Berthelsen has made the drawing for the carpet and Deko-Reklame has granted a big print of the drawing for the quilters to work after. 
Read more about the Ribe Quilters on the  Ribe Quilters own weblog

Documentary film about Ribe

Danish TV have several broadcastings from Ribe during Ribe’s 1300th anniversary. Most of them will of course be in Danish – but our foreign guests may enjoy the pictures
The film is produced by TVSyd and shows Ribe’s nature (12 min):

Here are some of the subjects mentioned and shown: Ribe River (Ribe Å) and the boat Johanne Dan at Skibbroen, Ribe Waterway Lock (Kammerslusen), storm surges (stormfloder), and the water level as tall as a man inside Ribe Cathedral (Ribe Domkirke) during the worst storm surge in history, the marshland and Wadden Sea (Vadehavet) and its wildlife and migration birds – also the several thousand starlings that “dance” and are making fascinating formations in the air every spring and autumn. In Denmark we call it Sort Sol (Black sun)

The first of February you can see all 3 TVSyd’s films about Ribe on: this link

Welcome to Danhostel Ribe Blog

Ribe Hostel when the meadow is floodedGudrun and Jens welcome you to Danhostel Ribe’s new Blog.
On this stormy and rainy day is it a good day to stay inside and start this blog.

The meadow outside the hostel is flooded. In a way you can say that we have an amazing “sea view”. It´s good to have in mind that Ribe hasn´t been flooded the last 100 years (since the Ribe dike was built). Another day we’ll tell you about the dikes, influence from climate changes and our thoughts concerning that.  

This blog will deal with our hostel Danhostel Ribe and other hostels, Ribe town (history, culture, people etc.), The Wadden Sea National Park that will be established in 2010, and Sustainable Tourism (how do we obtain that and what do we do?)

But first of all we have to look a little around and find out how to “blog”.