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From Japan to Ribe in Denmark

Visiting Ribe in Denmark on a round the world trip

Everyone has a story to tell, and we heard quite a lot of them throughout the 30 years we were hostel hosts in Danhostel Ribe in Ribe, Denmark. Yet our recent guests, the world travellers Yoshihiro and Yuko Ishizawa from Japan, had a rather unusual travel story to tell.

( This blog post in Danish: Amazingcars.dk:  Verden rundt i bil. Pitstop i Ribe )

Japanese travellers outside the hostel in Ribe
Travelling around the world in a Mazda Scrum. Yoshi and Yuko outside Danhostel Ribe

40.000 km in a Mazda Scrum from Japan to Ribe

Yoshi and Yuko started their world tour from Tokyo in August 2015 in this Mazda Scrum 660cc, and a year and a month later they arrived to Ribe and stayed a couple of nights in our hostel.

They have driven about 40.000 km and visited all these countries on their way: Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Holland and now Denmark.

It is possible to sleep in the car
It is possible to live in the car – but sometimes it is nice to stay in a hostel or hotel to have a bath, a chair and table – and free Wi-Fi. Photo: © Yoshihiro and Yuko Ishizawa

From Ribe they went to Hirtshals to catch the ferry to Island, though travelling north is really out of their way, since their plan is after Iceland to go to Morocco through France and Spain  and end in South Africa around May 2017.

Looking for a home abroad

Yoshi and Yuko tell they want to live abroad, so where they go, they are always looking for a house. They want to stay in a house that “has a good view, is cheap and quiet. If wild bears walk in the garden, it’s perfect!”
It seems to have been very difficult for them to find a home that fulfils all these wished, since Yoshi and Yuko have been around the world since April 2005.
If you can recommend any places, please write it in the comments :-)

Room with a view at Danhostel Ribe in Denmark
View from Danhostel Ribe, Denmark. Photo: © Danhostel Ribe

In Ribe we have no bears walking around, but from the hostel we have the most amazing view of Ribe medieval town and Ribe River. The meadow, named  “the Head Meadow” outside the hostel is part of the Wadden Sea National Park and has a horrifying history of beheaded pirates, whose heads were put on stake in Medieval times.

Black Sun - starlings in Ribe, Denmark
Black Sun. Denmark’s most famous natural phenomenon. Photo: © Yoshihiro and Yuko Ishizawa

Black Sun – Starlings

Instead of bears Yoshi and Yuko enjoyed Denmark’s most famous natural phenomenon “Black Sun – Starlings”  in Ribe. This photo is one of the photos, they took of this natural phenomenon. See more photos in their photo gallery of their travel blog.

Ribe River in Denmark
Ribe River an autumn evening 2016. Photo: © Yoshihiro and Yuko Ishizawa

Visiting Ribe because they love old towns

When Yoshi and Yuko visited Ribe, it was the first town/city they visited in Denmark. They choose to visit Ribe, because it is the oldest town in Denmark. They say “We love old towns. Ribe is beautiful, clean and quiet – very much. The hostel is clean, too, and a good place. We like Ribe and the hostel. We found the hostel using Maps.me (application).”

Ribe Classic. Old cars and motor cycles in Ribe
Ribe Classic. Old cars and motor cycles on the meadow outside the hostel. Photo: © Yoshihiro and Yuko Ishizawa

In their photo gallery you’ll notice that they not only love old towns but also old cars and motorcycles, since they took a lot of photos Tuesday evening on the meadow outside the hostel, when Ribe Classic had their weekly get-together. You can often see several hundred old cars these evenings. (See also: 10 things to do for free in Ribe – Denmark )

Working while travelling

Like many other round the world travellers Yoshi and Yuko are working while travelling to help fund their adventures.  As a Graphic designer Yoshi gets orders from Japanese clients by Email. Yuko used be an architect in Tokyo and is now a macrame jewellery designer.

Travelling around the world since 2005
Travelling around the world. Photo: © Yoshihiro and Yuko Ishizawav

Travelling around the world since 2005

Yoshi and Yuko: “Actually, we’ve been traveling around the world since April 2005.
First of all, we bought a scooter in Los Angels and drove from the Northern tip of Alaska to the South tip of Argentine.
And from Vancouver to the east tip of Canada by another scooter.
From Nordkapp of Norway to South Europe by another scooter.
Around New Zealand by another scooter.
Around Australia by a car.
Around Southeast Asia counties by bus or something….”

Mazda Scrum 660cc on  world tour from Tokyo to Ribe
Mazda Scrum 660cc on world tour from Tokyo. Parked at the hostel, Danhostel Ribe, in Denmark

If you want to know more about Ribe

Classic cars in Ribe every Tuesday. Just outside the hostel

10 things to do for free in Ribe – Denmark

Danhostel Ribe’s recommendations for 10 free things to do in Ribe listed in random order.
Ribe is Scandinavia’s oldest town placed on the West Coast of Denmark. It was voted EUROPE’S BEST BIG-TIME SMALL DESTINATION 2014 and was also recommended by Lonely Planet as a Viking site you should visit in “Lonely Planet’s Best in Europe 2014”. “Viking Denmark” was No 5 on this list.

Night Watchman in Ribe, Denmark
Night Watchman in Ribe, Denmark

1. A walk with Ribe’s Night Watchman

Every evening from May 1st to October 22th you can join Ribe’s night Watchman as he takes you on a guided walk through the winding cobblestoned streets of old Ribe and tells you dramatic and romantic stories from the history of Denmark’s and Scandinavia’s oldest town. He also sings the Night Watchman song to remind the citizens that it is time to go to sleep. Find your tour and read more

Ribe Cathedral
Ribe Cathedral with modern art

2. Ribe Cathedral with Michelin stars

Ribe Cathedral is a 2-starred Michelin Guide attraction – 3 stars are the maximum in the Michelin Guide, that reviews and rates attractions other than restaurants.

Ribe Cathedral is the only 5-aisled church in Denmark and combines old and new in an amazing way. The world famous COBRA artist Carl Henning Pedersen decorated the apse with colourful dramatic modern frescoes, mosaics and stained glass windows, but you can find medieval frescoes, memorials and other artifacts in the Cathedral as well.

There are several free church concerts in Ribe Cathedral during the summer holidays, see: Highlights in Ribe

Ribe Market on Wednesdays. Danhostel Ribe in the background
Ribe Market on Wednesdays. Danhostel Ribe in the background

3. Market day in Ribe every wednesday

Market day in Ribe is every Wednesday from May to the beginning of September. The Market is on the Skibbro quay (the harbour) and you can see it from the hostel’s windows. You might wake up in the morning when the traders are arranging their display of goods. You can buy new and second hand wares and fresh food.
During the Danish summer holidays when schools are closed, you shouldn’t miss the children’s market, where the children have their toys, books, clothes and much more on sale. This is also on Wednesdays and takes place in the town square.

Classic cars in Ribe every Tuesday.  Just outside the hostel
Classic cars in Ribe every Tuesday. Just outside the hostel

4. Classic, Vintage and American cars

and motorcycles. Every Tuesday from April to September owners of classic and vintage cars from near and far in Denmark meet on the meadow outside our hostel (Danhostel Ribe) to show their cars and admire all the other cars. The car owners have a passion for taking care of their vehicles, and if you like old cars too, come and have a look. The better the weather is the more vehicles will be on display and it is not unusual to see over 100 cars on the meadow.
Mostly cars but also some motorcycles.

Ribe Town, Denmark
Ribe Town, Denmark

5. Ribe town

Ribe town is an attraction in itself. You should spend time strolling around enjoying the beauty of our town, Ribe River, town parks, the beautiful new town square, winding narrow alleys and cobblestoned streets.
Danhostel Ribe has made a self-guided walking tour of old town Ribe. You can find it here: Old Town Walk . Lonely Planet says about Ribe: “This is historic Denmark at its most photogenic, all cobblestones and higgledy-piggledy houses – so pretty, it was recently voted ‘Europe’s Best Big-Time Small Destination’. Link: “Viking Denmark – following the footsteps of ancient explorers
Ribe town is also awarded with 2 stars in the Michelin guide of Attractions. The guide writes: “Ribe is probably the best preserved medieval town in Denmark. Its small size has enabled it to retain its architectural unity and old-world charm.”
Ribe is also special for a winter break: Christmas and winter in Ribe is special. 30 photos from Ribe in Denmark

Pet goat at Ribelund Animal Park
Pet goat at Ribelund Animal Park

6. Ribelund Animal Park

A visit to the small animal park Ribelund Dyrepark is a must if you are a family with small children. Here you’ll find pet goats, sheep, horses, donkeys, small kangaroos, birds and fallow deer, but also a playground, picnic tables, and benches. Furthermore jogging paths and an observation platform where you can observe the birdlife in and around Ribe Østerå.

Ribe Brewery, Denmark
Ribe Brewery, Denmark

7. Ribe Brewery

Ribe Brewery – the Micro-brewery is open for viewing and purchasing every Saturday from 10am to 2pm (All year). If you pass by another day than Saturday and notice the brewers are brewing, you are also welcome – but the brewers are only brewing as a hobby, and therefore they are not working here every day. Ribe Brewery brews: Blonde light Ale, Brown Ale and Black dark Ale – but also seasonal brews, such as Christmas Ale and the Wadden Sea Brew. We also sell Ribe Beer at our hostel, see: Souvenirs 

Ribe Craftmans Market
Ribe Craftmans Market in October – Sct Catharinae Abbey

8. Galleries and exhibitions

Take a look at the many galleries with art, glass, ceramics etc. Often you will also find art or photo exhibitions somewhere in the town.
At the hostel we have our own permanent photo exhibition of Ribe and Wadden Sea motives shot by the same photographer, who took all the photos on this page.
During Easter the “Art Tour Southwest Jutland” takes place. Along the South West Coast of Denmark more than a 100 galleries, studios and museums welcome you to visit them.
Ribe’s Craftmans Market takes place during the first weekend in October.

Children's market at the town square. Same place is entertainment for children on Thursdays
Children’s market at the town square. Same place is entertainment for children on Thursdays

9. Entertainment for children

And a little more for the children. Every Thursday in July and the first Thursday in August they can enjoy entertainment for children at Ribe’s town square. 4pm

The hostel's sports hall
The hostel’s sports hall

10. Danhostel Ribe’s sports hall

Danhostel Ribe’s guests have the opportunity to play ball or badminton in Ribehallen (our sports hall) for free when it is not in use. And during the school holidays it will be possible much of the time. Our guests can also play table tennis and table football for free or borrow one of the many board games. If you want to try our rock climbing wall – one of the best in Denmark – you will have to pay.

11. The Wadden Sea – UNESCO World Heritage

Finally, we will mention the Wadden Sea National Park, that is now UNESCO World Heritage: Wadden Sea National Park UNESCO World Heritage. Year round adventures

Nature is free to enjoy, but we recommend that you also join one of the guided tours. Oyster hunting in winter,  Black Sun – the starlings’ spectacular air shows spring and autumn , Wadden Sea walks and seal watching in summer.  See photos and video from a Sea Explorer Tour

Remember to book your room or bed

at Danhostel Ribe. The hostel has Ribe’s most photographed view and is placed both in the town centre and in the Wadden Sea National Park: Danhostel Ribe

©All Photos: Gudrun Rishede, Danhostel Ribe