A Viking with a big beard. Together with his daughter

Our best photos from Ribe Viking Market

Enjoy Danhostel Ribe‘s best photos from the big International Viking Market in Ribe, May 2014

A Viking kiss at Ribe Viking Market
A Viking kiss at Ribe Viking Market

A Viking Kiss.  A 900 year-old Norse runic code on wooden tablets in some 80 inscriptions has
recently been broken by a runologist. The message was simply  “kiss me” .
Maybe this lovely kissing Viking couple sent this message to each other before this Viking kiss.

Viking warriors fighting with axes
Viking warriors fighting with axes

Viking Warriors fighting with axes at Ribe Viking Market in Denmark.

An Arab trader having his beard pulled by a Viking woman
An Arab trader having his beard pulled by a Viking woman

Ribe Viking Market is really international, but the Arab trader should beware of the Danish Viking
woman – she might give his beard a huge pull if he comes to close to her.

A Viking with a big beard. Together with his daughter
A Viking with a big beard. Together with his daughter

A Viking with a big plaited (braided) beard. Here together with his daughter

A Viking boy playing a Jew's harp
A Viking boy playing a Jew’s harp

A Viking boy playing a Jew’s harp at the international Viking Market in Ribe, Denmark

A cattlewoman and her child are looking after the cattle on the Viking manor farm
A cattlewoman and her child are looking after the cattle on the Viking manor farm

A cattlewoman and her child are looking after the cattle on the Viking manor farm

Viking child with his mother
Viking child with his mother

Viking child with his mother.

Viking boys playing with a rope. Will they fall into the stream or will they reach the other shore?
Viking boys playing with a rope. Will they fall into the stream or will they reach the other shore?

Viking boys playing with a rope. Will they fall into the stream or will they reach the other shore?

Viking boys playing the Viking board game Tafl
Viking boys playing the Viking board game Tafl

The Viking Boys are playing the Norse variant of the Viking board game Tafl or Hnefatafl.
Tafl in Old Norse means “table”. The board game was already played by the Scandinavian
people before A.D. 400.

Viking Photos
Viking Photos
Viking photo and the manager at Danhostel Ribe
Viking photo and the manager at Danhostel Ribe









All the photos are taken by Danhostel Ribe’s photographer, Gudrun Rishede
See more Viking photos on the hostel’s walls and on the postcards “Vadehavskort“.

In Ribe old town you can walk our Viking Walk and in that way follow the footsteps of the Vikings in Denmark’s oldest town: Viking Walk

More knowledge about Vikings in Ribe. Ribe VikingeCenter and Museet Ribes Vikinger (Ribe Viking Museum)

See also the new lovely photos from Ribe town “Ribe – a photo essay” by Horsens and Beyond – Slow travel in Horsens and Southern Denmark

Find Danhostel Ribe på facebook
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Wadden Sea Music – Wattenmeer Musik – Musik fra Vadehavet

Wadden Sea National Park and UNESCO World Heritage
June 24th 2014 UNESCO decides if the Wadden Sea National Park in Denmark will be on the list of UNESCO World Heritage in the future. If the Danish Wadden Sea succeeds in this, it will join the Dutch and the German Wadden Sea National Parks that became World Heritage as early as 2009.
While we are waiting for UNESCO’S decision we could spend a little time listening to music from the Wadden Sea.

Vadehavsmusik. Rod Sinclair Band. Sea Scape
Vadehavsmusik . Rod Sinclair Band. Sea Scape

Wadden Sea Songs
In Denmark the Scottish folk musician, Rod Sinclair, a Ribe citizen for many years, has composed several songs and music for Denmark’s largest National Park, the Wadden Sea National Park.
The most famous of the songs is the National Park anthem “Gryden” (The Dip) that first was presented at the Wadden Sea National Park inauguration on the “Meadow of Heads” outside Danhostel Ribe (2010).
In this video you can listen to Rod Sinclair Band and the song “Gryden”. Its filmed at the launch of “Sea Scape – Wadden Sea Songs” album at Danhostel Ribe in 2013 .
The second video is the title track Sea Scape. You can find the lyrics on the bottom of this page.

The song “Seafarers” will explain you why the Meadow outside Danhostel Ribe – a part of the Wadden Sea National Park – is called the Meadow of Heads. It’s about Hans Jessen a merchant from Ribe who caught Alexander Hock and his group of pirates. Alexander Hock’s men were all beheaded and their heads were placed on stakes on the Meadow of Heads.
On this link you can see another video, where Hans Jessen Søhane tells about what happened when he caught a group of pirates: Beheaded pirates on Meadow of the Heads

Members of Rod Sinclair Band: Rod Sinclair, Martin Schack, Andreas Tophøj, Anders Pedersen, Jullie Hjetland og Jacob Pedersen.
A Seascape tour is planned for April 2015. Songs can be downloaded from eg iTunes and Spotify and be purchased in Rod’s shop and at Danhostel Ribe

A Song from the German Wadden Sea National Park
The last video is a German Wadden Sea National Park Song. It’s song by Achim Reichel and is called: Trutz blanke Hans (Lyrics by Detlev von Liliencron and Music by Achim Reichel). It’s from the Album: Regenballade

DANSK REFERAT (Summary in Danish):

Nationalpark Vadehavet og UNESCO Verdensarv
Den 24. juni 2014 afgør UNESCO om Nationalpark Vadehavet i Danmark skal på listen over UNESCO Verdensarv i fremtiden. Hvis det lykkes, vil det danske Vadehav slutte sig til den hollandske og tyske del af Vadehavet, som blev Verdensarv allerede i 2009.
Mens vi venter på UNESCO ‘S beslutning, vil vi bruge lidt tid på at lytte til musik fra Vadehavet.

Sange fra Vadehavet

Den skotske folkemusiker Rod Sinclair, som har boet i Ribe i mange år, har komponeret flere sange til Danmarks største nationalpark, Nationalpark Vadehavet.
Den mest kendte af sangene er den officielle National Park hymne ” Gryden “, der først blev præsenteret ved Nationalpark Vadehavets indvielse på ” Hovedengen” udenfor Danhostel Ribe (2010) .
I den første video kan du lytte til Rod Sinclair Band og sangen Gryden , det er fra lanceringen af ​​” Sea Scape – Wadden Sea Songs ” albumet på Danhostel Ribe i 2013. Den anden video er titelnummeret Seascape . Du kan finde teksten herunder – og tekster, noder og akkorder til resten af albummet på dette link: Seascape lyrics

I Sangen “Seafarers” kan du høre, hvordan Hovedengen udenfor Danhostel Ribe fik sit navn (Hovedengen er en del af Nationalpark Vadehavet). Sangen handler om Hans Jessen en købmand fra Ribe, der fangede Alexander Hock og hans sørøvervenner. Alexander Hock og hans mænd blev alle halshugget, og deres hoveder blev sat på stager på Hovedengen langs Ribe Å.
På dette link kan du se en anden video, hvor Hans Jessen Søhane fortæller om, hvad der skete, da han fangede piraterne: Halshuggede sørøvere på Hovedengen

Rod Sinclair Band er: Rod Sinclair, Martin Schack, Andreas Tophøj, Anders Pedersen, Jullie Hjetland og Jacob Pedersen.
Der er planlagt en turne med sangene fra Seascape i April 2015. Sangene kan downloades fra bl.a. iTunes og Spotify og købes i shoppen eller på Danhostel Ribe

En Sang fra den tyske Nationalpark Vadehavet
Den sidste video er en sang fra Nationalparken i Tyskland. Sangen synges af Achim Reichel og kaldes: Trutz blanke Hans (Tekst af Detlev von Liliencron og musik af Achim Reichel). Vadehavssangen er fra albummet: Regenballade


The first three verses of the song Seascape. Words: Rod Sinclair, tune: Martin Schack
Find more lyrics, notes and chords for the CD: Seascape – Wadden Sea Songs

Salt air over restless water and hastening clouds
Pale sunshine and dark rainstorm driven by wind
The sea outlines the sand
Time the moon and the tides
Salt water turns into land

This seascape was sung from darkness by seagulls’ cries
Built from nothing by wandering singers who gave it all names
They sang the birds in the sky
They sang the fish in the sea
They sang the beasts in the grass

Flat country breeds hard people who fight to survive
Raising homes on grassy hillocks to keep them from harm
Always lived by the sea
Always lived with the sea
The sea’s life kept them alive

Earth Hour 2014. Danhostel Ribe, Denmark

Earth Hour at Danhostel Ribe in Denmark 2014
Earth Hour at Danhostel Ribe in Denmark 2014

7 successive years Danhostel Ribe celebrated Earth Hour  together with millions of people all over the world, who all switched off lights on the 29th of March from 8.30pm-9.30pm.

At the hostel we celebrated a quiet, pleasant candlelight moment serving free homemade cookies, Wadden Sea tea and organic coffee for our guests, who all had had a busy day exploring Ribe and the Wadden Sea National Park. Most of them had joined a guided Black Sun Tour to see

Black Sun starlings fantastic air dances
Black Sun starlings fantastic air dances before they go to sleep

the starlings fantastic air dances before they go to sleep in the reeds, and were planning on another busy day the next day seeing the new beautiful Ribe Town Square around Ribe Cathedral,  visiting Ribe Art Museum and Ribe Viking Museum and some were going on a bike tour in the Wadden Sea National Park  to see flocks of barnacle geese and other birds. In Ribe these tours are arranged by The Wadden Sea Centre (Vadehavscentret)


HI Hostels all over the world celebrated Earth Hour
Many other Hostelling International Hostels around the world took part in Earth Hour 2014. Read about some of them on HI Hostels Blog

Earth Hour 2014 at Danhostel Ribe in Denmark
Earth Hour 2014 at Danhostel Ribe in Denmark

The world’s largest grassroots movement for the environment
Earth Hour  has grown  to be world’s largest grassroots movement for the environment and countries, cities, towns and people all over the world participate in this celebration for the planet. Earth Hour is organized by WWF and in Denmark by  WWF Denmark (World Wildlife Fund )
The municipality of Esbjerg took part in Earth Hour all the other 6 years and turned out the lights in Ribe streets. This year they decided not to, but 25 other municipalities in Denmark took part.

Eco labels at the hostel and thoughts about Earth Hour
At the hostel we are aware that we are probably not reducing CO2 emissions by taking part in this action and that we don’t save the earth by turning out the lights for one hour, but we think it is a nice way  to raise awareness about climate change together with people all around the world.
Danhostel Ribe works to make sustainable tourism a part of our hostel. The hostel is eco-labeled with Green Key  , is recognized as Official Wadden Sea National Park Partner (Officiel Nationalpark Partner), and is applying for TripAdvisor’s new GreenLeaders Program .


Earth Hour 2014 på Danhostel Ribe i Nationalpark Vadehavet
For 7. år i træk fejrede Danhostel Ribe Earth Hour sammen med millioner af mennesker over hele verden , som alle slukkede lyset d. 29 marts fra kl. 20:30 til 21:30

Ribe Domkirke og Ribe Domkirkeplads
Ribe Domkirke og Ribe Domkirkeplads

På vandrehjemmet havde vi en hyggelig stund i stearinlysenes skær, hvor vi serverede gratis hjemmebagte småkager, Vadehavste og økologisk kaffe for vores gæster , som alle havde haft en travl dag med at udforske Ribe og Nationalpark Vadehavet . De fleste af dem havde deltaget i en guidet Sor Sol tur med guider fra Vadehavscentret. og planlagde endnu en travl dag med at se det nye smukke Torv omkring Ribe Domkirke, besøge Ribe Kunstmuseum og Museet Ribes Vikinger og nogle skulle på cykeltur i Nationalpark Vadehavet for at se  de store flokke af bramgæs og andre fugle, der lige nu er at se i nationalparken.

HI hostels over hele verden fejrer Earth Hour
Mange andre Hostelling International vandrerhjem i verden deltog i Earth Hour 2014. Læs om nogle af dem på HI Hostels Blog

Verdens største græsrodsbevægelse for miljøet
Earth Hour er vokset til at være verdens største græsrodsbevægelse for miljøet og lande, byer og folk over hele verden deltage i denne fest for planeten . Earth Hour er arrangeret af WWF .
Esbjerg Kommune har deltaget i Earth Hour alle de andre år og plejer at slukke lyset i Ribes gader, men havde besluttet ikke at deltage i 2014.
25 andre kommuner og flere virksomheder i Danmark deltog.

Tidligere Earth Hour på Danhostel Ribe
Tidligere Earth Hour på Danhostel Ribe

Miljømærker på vandrerhjemmet og tanker om Earth Hour

På vandrerhjemmet er vi opmærksomme på, at vi sandsynligvis ikke reducerer CO2-udledningen ved at deltage i denne aktion , og at vi ikke redder Jorden ved at slukke lysene i en time , men vi synes, det er en rar måde at øge bevidstheden om klimaændringer sammen med vandrerhjemmets gæster, ripenserne og mennesker fra hele verden.

Danhostel Ribe arbejder på at gøre bæredygtig turisme til en del af vores vandrehjem, vi er miljømærket med Green Key, er anerkendt som officielle Nationalpark Vadehavet Partner og søger i øjeblikket om at blive en af TripAdvisors nye grønne forløbere.

Ribe is Europe’s Best Big-Time Small Destination 2014

Two European travel websites have asked their users:
“Which is the best small town in Europe” among 52 beautiful European towns.

Ribe - Europe's most beautiful town
More than 22.000 voted and Ribe in Denmark won the competition. 3965 users voted for Ribe while Obidos in Portugal was next with 3734 votes. See the results: Globalgrasshopper
Ribe Town Square and Ribe CathedralRibe is Denmark’s and Scandinavia’s oldest town. It is dated back to the early Viking Era (710AD). Ribe town and its citizens have for many years  done a lot to preserve the architectural and cultural heritage of Ribe. Latest around the town square and Ribe Cathedral . See photo left.

If you want to know more about Ribe, you can see a lot of beautiful photos and learn about Ribe’s history and attractions on the hostel’s homepage Danhostel Ribe

View from Danhostel Ribe
View from Danhostel Ribe

From Danhostel Ribe you get the best view of both Ribe town and the Wadden Sea National Park.

Ribe harbour and the boat “Johanne Dan” can also be seen from the hostel

Ribe in Denmark is Europe’s Best Big-Time Small Destination 2014
Ribe in Denmark is Europe’s Best Big-Time Small Destination 2014

Verdens største østers fundet i Vadehavet ved Ribe. Biggest oyster in the world found in Ribe – Denmark

world's largest oyster
Grete med verdens største østers

NEWS 31ST JANUARY 2014: Guinness book of world records has approved the oyster as the worlds largest with these measures: 35,5 cm (13.97 in) in length and 10.7 cm (4.21 in) in width

Verdens største østers fundet i Vadehavet ved Ribe
En østers der vejer 2,5 kg og måler 35,5 cm – det svarer til en sko i størrelse 44 – det er, hvad en medarbejder på Vadehavscentret ved Ribe, Grete Sandahl Jensen, har fundet i Vadehavet ca. 10 km fra Ribe.
Det er formodentlig verdens største østers. Guiness-rekordbog har været på besøg på Vadehavscentret ved Ribe for at måle den fundne østers, og i løbet af ca. 12 uger vil vi vide, om det virkelig er verdens største østers. På grund af dens krumme facon kan den være svær at måle korrekt.  Så vidt vides er den største østers, der er fundet indtil nu, fundet i Californien og måler 33 cm.

I et akvarium på Vadehavscentret ved Ribe
Østersen er stadig levende og kan ses i et akvarium på Vadehavscentret ved Ribe indtil d. 1. november, hvor centret lukker for vinteren. Selv om centret er lukket, kan man komme med på én af de mange østersture med naturvejleder, som kun foregår om vinteren, og hvor man selv kan fylde rygsækken med de lækre østers.  Læs om turene her Østerssafari og se turkalenderen her: Østersture i Vadehavet

Perler i østers
Der er i løbet af den sidste måned fundet flere perler i østers i Vadehavet. Så nu tager Danhostel Ribes gæster ikke kun på østerstur på grund af delikatessen og den storslåede natur – men også for at finde perler. Hvem ved, Grete bliver måske også ejer af en flot perle.
Mon ikke vinterens gæster på vandrehjemmet vil forsøge at slå rekorden og finde en endnu større østers.

Klaus Melbye, Vadehavscentret ved Ribe, med østersgæster

 Stillehavsøsters (Crassostrea gigas)
Den østers, der er fundet, er en Stillehavsøsters (Crassostrea gigas). Som navnet antyder, kommer den oprindeligt fra helt andre og varmere himmelstrøg, hvor den dog ikke bliver nær så stor. Leder af Vadehavscentret Klaus Melbye fortæller, at Stillehavsøsters  vokser bedst ved temperaturer under 15 grader.
Når den fundne østers er død, kan man finde ud af, hvor gammel den er – ved at tælle årringene i skallen.
Da man begyndte at opdrætte stillehavsøsters i Nordtyskland, troede man ikke, at den kunne overleve de kolde vintre i naturen. Det viste sig ikke at passe, og nu breder den sig til skade for andre arter, som den udkonkurrerer, og som er vigtig føde for mange fuglearter i Vadehavet.  Stillehavsøstersen har kun én fjende – og det er mennesket, for vi er de eneste, der kan åbne skallen. For mennesket er den til gengæld en stor delikatesse

Tag med på én af de mange østersture, der finder sted i løbet af vinteren af bl.a. Vadehavscentret ved Ribe, Sort Safari og Mandø Event. Gå ikke selv ud i Vadehavet – på grund af tidevand og vejrforhold er det vigtigt at følges med guides, der er kendt med Vadehavet.

An oyster weighing more than 2 kilos (4.4 lbs) and measuring  35.5 cm (13.97 inches) as big as a size 44 shoe – that’s what an employee at

The world's largest oyster found in Ribe - Denmark
The world’s largest oyster found in the Wadden Sea National Park near Ribe in Denmark

Vadehavscentret ved Ribe (the Wadden Sea Centre), Grete Sandahl Jensen, found in the Wadden Sea National Park approx. 10 km from Ribe, Denmark.
It is probably the world’s largest oyster, Grete found. Guinness World Records have been visiting the Wadden Sea Centre in Ribe to measure the oyster and in 12 weeks we will know if it really is the world’s largest oyster. Due to its shape it can be difficult to measure correctly .
Leader of Vadehavscentret Klaus Melbye says that the biggest oyster, he is familiar with, found so far is found in California and measures 33 cm.

Come and see the world ‘s largest oyster
The oyster is still alive and can be seen in an aquarium at the Wadden Sea Centre until the 1st November, when the center closes for the winter. Although the center is closed the next couple of months, you can join one of the many oyster tours with the centre´s guides, which only takes place in winter. See tour-dates and look for “Østerssafari“. Oysters are one of the Wadden Sea National Park’s biggests delicacies.

Pacific oyster
The oyster is a Pacific oyster ( Crassostrea gigas), which originally come from a completely different and warmer climate, where they do not grow so big, as Pacific oysters grow best at temperatures below 15 degrees. When the found oyster is dead , we will know how old it is – by counting growth rings in the shell. And maybe Grete will be the lucky owner of a pearl.

Virtual tour of Danhostel Ribe, Denmark. Google maps. Virtuel rundtur på Danhostel Ribe

Look inside the hostel
Now you can take a walk through Danhostel Ribe– and since the virtual tour is made by 360⁰ photos, you can decide to be a fly on the wall, to look in the corners –  and go wherever you want to go.
Go into our rooms, our backyard, our dining room, our sports hall, our sitting room,  guests’ kitchen, conference rooms and look out the windows to see the hostel’s view

Virtuel rundtur på Danhostel Ribe
Nu kan du gå en virtuel tur gennem Danhostel Ribe –  turen er lavet af 360⁰ fotos, kan du vælge at være en flue på væggen, at kigge i hjørnerne – og gå hvorhen du ønsker på vores vandrehjem. F.eks ind på vores værelser, i vores gårdhave, vores spisestue, vores sportshal, vores dagligstue, gæstekøkken, konferencelokaler – og du kan kigge ud af vinduerne for at se vandrerhjemmet flotte udsigt


1. Start at the reception desk – walk to the right and go to conference rooms, sports hall, dining room and sitting room – or go straight on

View Larger Map

2.  Or start in our biggest and best rooms: A++ rooms. They are on our top floor (second floor-no elevator) and have Ribe’s best view. These rooms all have national park and medieval town view.

View Larger Map

3. Here you can decide to go to the right and see our sports hall or to the left and see the hostel’s  dinning room and breakfast table, from the dining room you can walk up the stairs to the sitting room

View Larger Map


A Ribe dog – a genuine Heinz 57. Ribehunden et gadekryds

En Ribehund (Dogmehund) med sin to-benede overhund.
A Ribe dog (dogma dog) with his two-legged dog’s master
Ribehund - Ribe Dog
Ribehunden Elly – The Ribe Dog Elly

A Ribe Dog – also called a Dogma Dog – is a genuine Heinz 57 from Ribe in Denmark.
To be worthy of being called a Ribe Dog some rules must be followed. The main thing is that the Ribe Dog’s pedigree does not contain breeds registered in the Danish Kennel Club for eight generations on the maternal side.

Ribe Dogs look different
Ribe Dogs look different – different leg length, build, fur, colours and patterns.
Fashion trends for Ribe dogs are revealed each year at the autumn exhibition when the dogs meet to a cousin get-together to mate, wag and bark. This cousin get-together always take place on Riberhus Slotsbanke (Riberhus castle hill) while their two-legged masters enjoy themselves with coffee and beer.
In 2013 this will be the 1st of September at 2pm

Photo left: The Ribe Dog “Ole Barkentin Sønderstrup” and his two-legged dog’s master political commissar, Thyge Jensen.
Thyge Jensen unanimously adopted the rules of the Ribe Dogs with 1 vote against 0 votes.

Some other rules for Ribe Dogs:

Ribe Cat and Ribe Dog. Ribekat og Ribehund
Ribe Cat and Ribe Dog.
Ribekat og Ribehund

A Dogma Dog (Ribe Dog) has better not walk on a dog lead, should not be dried with a hairdryer or rubbed with a handkerchief when it becomes wet, it is not smartened up with loops or anything else. A Ribe Dog prefers being with other dogs, alternatively with people who treat it like a dog. A Ribe Dog lies in the furniture and puppies eat the furniture, it rolls in dead gulls, rotten sheep or ditto seals and porpoises without subsequently being reprimanded.

Photos: Danhostel Ribe.
A Ribe Dog among other four legged decide themselves who is the over- and underdog. See the video:

DK: En Ribehund er et ægte gadekryds

DK: En Ribehund er et ægte gadekryds

Der gælder helt specielle regler, for at en hund kan kaldes en Ribehund. Den vigtigste er, at Ribehundens stamtavle ikke må indeholde racer registreret i Dansk Kennel Klub i otte generationer på moderens side. Ribehundene skal helst ikke ligne hinanden i kropsbygning, benlængde, pels, farve og mønstre. Årets mode indenfor Ribehunde bestemmes hvert år til fætter/kusine komsammen på Slotsbanken, hvor Ribehundene mødes til fornøjelig parring, logren og gøen.

I 2013 mødes Ribehundene og deres overhunde til fætter/kusine sammenkomst på Slotsbanken i Ribe d. 1. sept. kl. 14.

Vil du vide mere om Ribehunden, så læs mere på dette link: Ribehunde

Fotos: Danhostel Ribe

Ribehund med tobenet overhund på Johanne Dan
Ribehunden Elly og Thyge Jensen på everten Johanne Dan i Ribe Å. I baggrunden Nationalpark Vadehavet og Danhostel Ribe

Denmark’s prettiest market towns

Today Denmark’s most beautiful market towns/cities have been found
in a competition promoted  by Bygningskultur Danmark (Building Culture Denmark).

Here are the winners:

View from Danhostel Ribe
View from Danhostel Ribe
  1. Svaneke
  2. Ribe
  3. Ebeltoft
  4. Helsingør

You will find a nice Danhostel  (Danhostels are HI Hostels in Denmark) in each of these 4 cities, so don’t hesitate to visit all of them.

Danhostel Ribe congratulates Svaneke.
Svaneke won – but can anyone compete with the view we have from Danhostel Ribe :-)

Take a look at the photo

15 Danish cities were competing. All these cities were chosen because of their ability to preserve the cities’  original medieval environments and at the same time be active cities with business, tourism and settlement.

Are you confused of what a market town is  you can read more here: Danish Heritage Tours
Here you can see the final result of the competition:  Bygningskultur Danmark


Danmarks smukkeste købstæder
I dag er Danmarks smukkeste købstad fundet i en konkurrence udskrevet af Bygningskultur Danmark:

Her er vinderne:

Udsigt fra Danhostel Ribe
Udsigt fra Danhostel Ribe
  1. Svaneke
  2. Ribe
  3. Ebeltoft
  4. Helsingør

Du vil finde et dejligt Danhostel i hver af disse 4 byer, så tøv ikke med at besøge alle 4 byer.
Danhostel Ribe lykønsker Svaneke. Men selvom Svaneke vandt, er der vist ikke nogen, der kan konkurrere med udsigten vi har fra Danhostel Ribe :-)
Er der?- se bare fotoet


15 danske byer konkurrerede. Alle disse byer var valgt på grund af deres evne til at bevare byernes oprindelige middelalderlige omgivelser og på samme tid være aktive byer med erhverv, turisme og bosættelse.
Her kan du se de 15 byer, og det endelige resultat af konkurrencen: Bygningskultur Danmark

The Viking wise woman was the late Middle Ages witch

Viking Wise Woman reading runes. Ribe, Denmark
Viking Wise Woman reading runes. Ribe, Denmark

During Viking Age and Norse paganism  (approximately from 800-1100) the völva – wise woman – was a highly respected member of the Viking society. She was a seer, a fortune-teller, she saw and understood more than most people – she was a master of prophecy.
In Ribe – the oldest town in Denmark and Scandinavia – you can still meet a Viking wise woman (völva) at Ribe VikingeCenter (Ribe Viking Centre) and if you have the courage to let her tell her prophecy for you, you can let her throw and read the runes for you.
In this video you can listen to her prophecy for Danhostel Ribe’s photographer who had just survived a severe cancer (Danhostel Ribe = Ribe’s hostel):
During the late Middle Ages and Renaissance – when Christianity spread in Europe – wise women were considered as witches who practiced witchcraft.

Witch Maren Spliid - Street Theater
Witch Maren Spliid – Street Theater

During the witch hunts,  they  were condemned as witches and burned alive at the stake.

Ribe is famous for its witch trials. Denmark’s best known witch was Maren Spliid from Ribe, she was burned at a fire at the Gallows Hill near

Ribe on November 9th 1641. The last one burnt as a witch in Ribe was Anna Bruds who was burned April 1652.
When you walk around in Ribe Old town you can still see many houses from around 1600 AD with a cross carved into the wooden brackets that hold the roof. These crosses were meant as protection against witchcraft.

Witch cross in Ribe, Denmark
Witch cross in Ribe, Denmark

Be wiser on the Viking era and the Middle Ages in Ribe

In Ribe – Denmark ’s oldest town  – you can be wiser on the Viking era and the Middle Ages in Ribe Viking Museum (Ribes Vikinger), at Ribe Viking Centre (Ribe VikingeCenter), at Ribe Viking Market (1 week around 1st of May every year), by walking the Ribe Viking Walk, or Ribe Old Town Walk – and you can follow Ribe’s Night Watchman when he takes tourists on a free town walk through Ribe’s historic streets.

These links might also interest you:
Viking sacrifice of horse to norse gods at Ribe VikingeCenter
Viking Ribe in Viking Denmark

Looking for cheap accommodation in Ribe

Summary in Danish


Under vikingetiden  (ca. 800-1100) var en vølve – vikingernes kloge kone – et højt respekteret medlem af Vikingesamfundet. Hun var en seer, en spåkone –  hun så og forstod mere end de fleste mennesker og var en mester i profeti.
I Ribe – den ældste by i Danmark og Skandinavien – kan du stadig møde vikingernes kloge kone (vølven) på Ribe VikingeCenter, og hvis du har modet, kan du lade hende kaste og læse runer for dig.
I denne video kan du lytte til hendes profeti for Danhostel Ribe‘s fotograf : Kaste runer

I løbet af middelalderen og renæssancen – da kristendommen spredtes i Europa – blev vølve betragtet som hekse, der praktiserede hekseri. Under Europas heksejagt blev de dømt og  brændt levende på bålet.
Ribe er berømt for sine hekseprocesser. Danmark bedst kendte heks var Maren Spliid fra Ribe, hun blev brændt på et bål på Galgebakken nær Ribe i 1641.
Den sidste, der blev brændt som heks i Ribe, var Anna Bruds, som blev brændt i 1652.

Kors i knægt - kors mod hekse
Kors i knægt – kors mod hekse

Når man går rundt i Ribes gamle bydel kan man stadig se mange huse med et kryds skåret i knægten, der holder taget. Disse kors skulle beskytte mod hekseri og stammer fra perioden omkring år 1600 efter den store bybrand i Ribe.
I Ribe – Danmark ‘s ældste by – med masser af fund fra Vikingetiden kan du blive klogere på vikingetiden og middelalderen på Museet  Ribes Vikinger – museum for vikingetid og middelalder, på Ribe Viking Center , til Ribe Vikingemarked (en uge omkring 1. maj hvert år), og ved at gå en Ribe Vikinge-Gåtur eller Gåturen i Ribes gamle bydel – du kan også følge Ribes Vægter, når han tager turister på en gratis byvandring gennem Ribes historiske gader.

Tilbud på Viking miniferie på Danhostel Ribe indtil 12.juli 2013

Nationalpark Vadehavet. Plan 2013-2018 til debat på Danhostel Ribe

Fremtidsplaner for Nationalpark Vadehavet skal diskuteres i de 4 Vadehavskommuner

400 forslag og tiltag har dannet baggrund for Nationalparksplan Vadehavet for 2013-2018.
Planen skal nu i offentlig høring frem til den 30. juni 2012.
Der vil blive blive afholdt offentlige høringsmøder i de fire Vadehavskommuner.



Tidspunkterne for møderne omkring Nationalparkplanen er:

Tønder Kommune: 19. april kl. 19-21 i Ecco-centret
Esbjerg Kommune: 26. april kl. 19-21 på Danhostel Ribe
Fanø Kommune: 8. maj kl. 19-21 på Nordby Skole
Varde Kommune: 10. maj kl. 19-21 på Eventyrgården i Janderup

Nationalparkens formand Bent Poulsen siger om Nationalparkplan Vadehavet 2013-2018:
”Jeg er utrolig glad og stolt over det resultat, som vi er nået frem til, og jeg glæder mig til den forestående debat om indholdet i planen”, sagde Bent Poulsen og fortsatte: ”Det er en enig bestyrelse, der står bag udkastet, som er den foreløbige kulmination på en god proces, hvor Nationalparkrådet, borgere, institutioner og myndigheder har bidraget med forslag og idéer i stort tal”.


Vi glæder os til et stort fremmøde og en spændende diskussion på Danhostel Ribe

Her kan du læse hele Nationalparkplan Vadehavet og danne din egen mening:




The 2013-2018 National Park Plan for the Danish Wadden Sea  is now published
Future plans for the Wadden Sea National Park to be discussed at Danhostel Ribe 26th April. Have your say on the future of the Wadden Sea National Park

400 proposals and actions have formed the basis for the Wadden Sea National Park Plan for 2013-2018
The plan is now submitted to the public, and during the next weeks, it will be discussed at meetings in the four municipalities of the Wadden Sea.

Join the discussions at these places and times:
Tonder Municipality: 19th April 19-21pm. of Ecco Centre
Esbjerg Municipality: 26 april 19-21pm. at Danhostel Ribe
Fano Municipality: 8th May 19-21pm. at Nordby School
Varde Municipality: 10th May 19-21pm. at the Adventure Farm in Janderup

The President of the Wadden Sea National Park Bent Poulsen says of the National Park Plan 2013-2018:
“I am extremely pleased and proud of the result we have reached and I am looking forward to the upcoming debate on the content of the plan,” and he continues: “You find an unanimous Wadden Sea board behind the National Park Plan. The plan is the culmination of a good process in which the Wadden Sea National Park Council, citizens, institutions and authorities all have helped with many suggestions and ideas.”

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