Welcome to Danhostel Ribe Blog

Ribe Hostel when the meadow is floodedGudrun and Jens welcome you to Danhostel Ribe’s new Blog.
On this stormy and rainy day is it a good day to stay inside and start this blog.

The meadow outside the hostel is flooded. In a way you can say that we have an amazing “sea view”. It´s good to have in mind that Ribe hasn´t been flooded the last 100 years (since the Ribe dike was built). Another day we’ll tell you about the dikes, influence from climate changes and our thoughts concerning that.  

This blog will deal with our hostel Danhostel Ribe and other hostels, Ribe town (history, culture, people etc.), The Wadden Sea National Park that will be established in 2010, and Sustainable Tourism (how do we obtain that and what do we do?)

But first of all we have to look a little around and find out how to “blog”.